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Amateur Roundup from Straight Guy Sites —— 31 May 07

Thursday 31 May 2007 @ 4:04 pm

Here are more selections from some of my favorite sites:


Our first photo today comes from Next Door Male (just in case you hadn’t noticed the t-shirt!)

Speaking of the t-shirt – since our amateur model is still wearing it, it’s safe to assume that this photograph was taken at the beginning of the shoot. The undies down around the knees also indicate that this photo marks the first time our model revealed himself to the camera (and there’s quite a bit being revealed there)!

Both these factors have undoubtedly contributed to the somewhat concerned look on his face! I’m sure it wouldn’t have been long before he relaxed and really ‘got into it’ though.

amateur straight guy in tshirt showing himself

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Photo No. 2 for today is from Next Door Buddies.

As you can see both models here are good looking and nicely proportioned (!) and are quite good at giving the ‘sexy straight guy look’ that the photographer has obviously requested!

Pairing up these two specific amateur guys also works really well as they seem to be the kind of straight guys who would ‘hang around together’ in real life. If it weren’t for the camera (and the $$$) I wonder if they’d go as far in real life as they do later in this photoshoot and video!

photo of 2 straight guys together

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As you know, the premise of Next Door Hookups is that amateur straight guys (some of whom are originally solo models for other ‘Next Door’ sites) are given the opportunity to be photographed and filmed with a female ‘co-star’.

In this photograph, our amateur stud is all primed and ready for action. I personally feel that taking this shot while our friend’s eyes were firmly fixed on the female model’s ‘special place’ adds to the photo’s erotic appeal!

amateur straight stud with a girl

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Next is another good looking amateur straight guy from Stroke That Dick.

In my opinion this guy is highly photogenic and the pose in which he has been captured is very ‘inviting’! The position of the arms and hands is somewhat unnatural but in view of the name and theme of the website I guess it reinforces the ‘ritual’ aspect of ‘stroking’!

naked straight guy with lube ready

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Beach, Boobs & Bathroom

Wednesday 30 May 2007 @ 4:04 pm

A mix of clothed and partially unclothed (but exposed) straight guys and their female friends for you today!


First off today is a private photo of beachside revelry.

Our subject is obviously very proud of the fashion statement he’s making in his speedos. (I don’t think he really needed to point however – I’m sure the girls he’s trying to impress have already noticed. The tall guy at the back seems to be quite impressed as well!)

amateur straight guy showing off the bulge in his speedos


Another private photo and another guy proudly showing himself off to a girl – this time in a bathroom.

As with the girls in the previous photo, our female subject in this photograph is looking at our friend’s face – not the bit that he’s trying to draw attention to. I suppose she can always check out the photograph later on to see if ‘it’ was worth looking at!

girl in bathroom with amateur straight guy showing his dick


Our next photograph (from Coccozella contributor ‘Cipra’) is somthing a little bit different.

This photo has been taken in an ‘adult theater’ where very often the audience members themselves become participants in the entertainment. I wonder how much of our male subject’s ‘excitement’ originates from the attention he’s receiving from the ‘lady’ and how much comes from having the other guys nearby watching him!

amateur guy in straight adult theater with stripper


We finish today with a much less ‘controversial’ photo from ‘Karl’ – another Coccozella contributor, taken at a topless (optional) beach.

What appeals to me about this photograph (apart from the blue board shorts again!) is the look on the guy’s face – it’s almost like “Hey everyone, look at how lucky I am” !

amateur straight guy in bulging blue board shorts at beach

Tattoo, Tent & Blue Bulge

Tuesday 29 May 2007 @ 4:04 pm

Two new photos and two personal favorites for you today:


Our first two photographs have been provided by Camelboy and are part of his Smoking Men collection (although I must admit that I wasn’t focussing too much on what’s hanging out of his mouth)!

Thanks to Camelboy for sharing this hot straight guy with us (and nice photography too, by the way)!

photo of straight guy smoking showing his upper body


male nude photo of hot smoking stud showing us everything


It looks like it’s party time in this next private photo – and our subject seems only too pleased to be showing off his festive excitement to the photographer!

tented shorts on the amateur straight guy


Our final photograph for today has already made it into my personal ‘Hall of Fame’!

It looks like it’s a private photo (or a cropped section of one) although it could have been taken professionally for a website (in which case the photographer is to be congratulated on making it look like an unposed photograph).

I’m also not sure how widely this photo has already been circulated on the net – but I make no apologies for including it here as well!!

photo of amateur straight guy showing bulge in blue shorts

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