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Amateur Round Up from Straight Guy Sites —— 30 June 07

Saturday 30 June 2007 @ 4:01 pm

Here are more selections from some of my favorite sites:


Our first website today is Extra Big Dicks and our amateur straight guy model is certainly showing that he lives up to the site’s title!

The photographer has positioned both himself and his subject very cleverly so as to simultaneously show off this guy’s face – and his ‘ebd’!

Photo of naked straight guy with boner looking at camera

(See free photos of this guy – from other angles – here!)


In our next photo (from Circle Jerk Boys) our naked tattoed straight guy model has also been posed in an interesting way.

This ‘3/4 shot’ nicely highlights this guy’s face, physique and tattoos.

The hand positioning is probably the most interesting ‘device’ used by the photographer – it suggests that the model’s attempt at modesty has been thwarted by that uncontrollable erection!

Naked photo of straight guy trying to cover up boner

(See more free ‘uncontrollable erection’ shots of this guy here!)


I couldn’t resist our next photo from Men Over 30 (bulging underwear shots work for me!!)

I’d suggest that this is a real ‘in your face’ type shot -everything about the photo thrusts those well packed briefs to your attention!

Photo of guy with bulge in his underwear

(Check out what’s ‘under the undies’ in these free photos!)


Our final photo for the day comes from Boys Gone Bad.

I think this shot successfully arouses our curiosity about what this somewhat rugged looking group of guys might eventually get up to as the session proceeds!

Photo of a group of amateur straight guys watching porn

(Satisfy your curiosity now with these free photos!)


Boat, Bed, Boner and Beach

Friday 29 June 2007 @ 4:00 pm

‘Guys getting turned on by their women’ is the theme of today’s photos!


Our first picture is a private photo from Coccozella contributor ‘Spike in So-Cal’.

This recreational boat trip obviously had very little to do with fishing (at least in the conventional sense!) but had a lot to do with nakedness!

I’m not sure whether the red-headed guy is getting turned on by watching his mate’s erotic antics or by having his photo taken (or by whoever is taking the photo!) but whatever the cause, the effect is certainly worth seeing!

Photo of naked amateur straight guys with girl on a boat


A more romantic photograph next with a chunky, bulging underwear-clad straight guy gazing lovingly (lustingly?) into the eyes of his almost naked ladyfriend!

Photo of guy in underwear with boner bulge on bed with girlfriend


There’s slightly less romance and a bit more passion in our next photograph!

The photographer has very deliberately posed his subjects so as to give us an unobstructed and unadulterated view of the near naked straight guy’s turgid member! (Do you like the euphemism for ‘boner’?)

Photo of an almost nude couple kissing


Last but not least is today’s Rafian candid beach photo.

This shot gives us a nice ‘between the legs’ view of a guy who is positioning himself ‘between the legs’ of his girlfriend!

Photo of aroused couple on the beach


Butch, Bulge, Beach and Bold

Thursday 28 June 2007 @ 4:10 pm

Today’s photos feature solo guys indoors and guys in groups outdoors!


The first photo is another shot in which our subjects appear to be less than ecstatic about having their picture taken!

I’m personally glad the photographer persevered and managed to talk them into it – this is quite a memorable photo!

Photo of amateur straight guy speedo bulges


This private photo makes good use of the home environment as a setting for our next naked amateur straight guy!

The wallpaper as a background and the top of the stairs as a posing position both complement and highlight the attributes of our slightly hairy subject!

Photo of straight guy posing naked at top of stairs


There seems to be something about holiday hotel hallways that incites straight guys to pose exhibitionistically in front of their camera wielding mates – as this amateur photo shows!

It’s also funny that so many of these supposedly private pics end up on the net!

Photo of amateur guy with bulging boner


Finally today, a submitted photo of unknown origin displaying four finely crafted male bodies!

Judging by how far apart his legs are spread (and the extent of his semi-erect state), the guy 2nd from the left wants to be the ‘star of the show’ !

Photo of four naked straight guys at the beach



1. Soccer and Soccer has some new soccer locker room photos.

2. Thanks to FleshBot for mentioning ‘Straight Guy Photos’.

The editorial team made the following observation (with a link to one of my ‘Website Round Up’ posts):

“We’re grateful that the guys at Straight Guy Photos are helping us sniff out some of the hottest moments in the boy blog omniverse every day. Just don’t tell them that there’s a better than even chance that most of the “straight” guys they’re writing about really aren’t, k? ”

Yes….well…’s a valid point!

How do you know that the guy in any given photo is actually straight?

How many guys do you personally know who label themselves 100% straight but who will still happily ‘go off’ with another guy at the drop of a hat?

I guess I could have called this blog: ‘Photos of Guys Who Look Like They Might Be Straight’ – but I don’t think it has quite the right ring to it!!

It was really nice to get a mention though!!



May’s Photo Archive is now online.


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