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Paint, Party, Press and Point !

Tuesday 31 July 2007 @ 4:15 pm

Today’s photos include a public display of nudity, a passionate embrace, a couple of guys in undies and a cute nude couple!


First off today we have another great candid shot from Coccozella contributor ‘Sally May’.

I’ll leave you to figure out your own version of the conversation that’s taking place in this pic!

naked straight guy with boner talking to girlfriend


More tattoos now in our next photo which also features a most appealing bulge in our straight guy subject’s jeans!!

amateur photo of tattooed straight guy kissing girl


Very thoughtful of someone to take a photo of these two amateur guys who have obviously been very busy painting the ……….whatever it is that they’ve been painting!

Photo of 2 amateur straight guys in underwear


Our final photo today features a very good looking young couple at the start of an erotic encounter.

The photographer has captured this shot at just the right moment to enable an almost innocent feel to this otherwise lustful scene!

Photo of naked straight guy and girl getting aroused



Blue Undies Bulge

US Marine Undies

Blue Lycra shot-put bulge

Blue Lycra Bulging Bulge

Beautiful Bulge in Green Lycra


Amateur Round Up from Straight Guy Sites —— 30 July 07

Monday 30 July 2007 @ 4:02 pm

Here are more selections from some of my favorite sites:


First off today we get to see how the Straight Boys Jerk Off website got its name!

Amateur straight guy jerking off

(See more free photos from this set here.)


This is a cute photo of two buddies ‘doing what comes naturally’ from HS Boys.

Photo of 2 naked straight guys jerking off

(See what else these guys got up to in these free photos!)


The coach takes this unsuspecting guy for a medical check-up in College Boy Physicals.

Amateur guy in underwear getting medical examination

(See some ‘unprofessional conduct’ in these free photos!)


Finally today 2 pics of the stars of one of the photoshoots/videos from Broke Straight Boys.

Photo of amateur straight guy in jeans

Straight guy photo in jeans

(See some explicit free photos of this duo here!)


Peek, Prod, Private and Proud

Sunday 29 July 2007 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos feature solo guys plus guys & girls with varying degrees of anatomical exposure!!


Our first photo appears to be a private (and ‘almost’ candid) shot taken in a dorm room.

The guy facing us seems to have been drinking from a can when the photo was taken although I can’t get away from thinking that it looks more like he’s holding a camera, taking a photograph of himself in a mirror!

Whatever the case, the size of the two guys ‘caught’ in this shot make it a memorable photo!

amateur naked straight guys in dorm room


This photo very obviously comes to us from the world of straight porn and has been shot by a professional who knows exactly what he wants.

The intertwining of the hands and the position of this naked straight guy’s erect dick create a subtle but still very explicit point of focus for the viewer.

Photo of naked straight guy embracing girl


Our next amateur straight guy photo today screams ‘attitude, attitude, attitude’!!

(Meanwhile I’m screaming ‘hot, hot, hot’!!!)

photo of guy bulging in jeans


Lastly, a photograph in which the anonymity of the subjects has been preserved through ‘interesting’ positioning but in which a degree of ‘naturalness’ has been created by the seemingly ‘accidental’ protruding of a rapidly stiffening dick from our hero’s shorts!!

straight guy with boner poking out of shorts


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