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Laid-back, Lined-up, Lying-down & Lubed-up !

Friday 31 August 2007 @ 4:02 pm

In today’s photos we have an assortment of guys for you in various stages of both undress and arousal!


Firstly we start off with a couple of guys obviously posing for the camera in their ‘winter woolies’ showing us their ‘wonderful willies’!!

Photo of 2 amateur straight guys showing dicks


In today’s next photograph we have a group of amateur straight guys all lined up ready for inspection – and I can tell you it is a woman who is doing the inspecting (which explains the sheepish yet excited appearance of these guys)!!

Guys in Underwear lined up for inspection


Our next pic has a nice, peaceful, pastoral setting!

I suspect that the female subject has been rubbing the sunscreen into her amused companion’s skin just a tad too vigorously!!

Photo of naked straight guy with boner being touched by nude girfriend


Our final and very intriguing photograph comes courtesy of No Way Am I Gay.

This is naked straight guy Morgan who is very much into personal adornment it would seem!

(Check out all the decorations in these free photos!)

poto of naked straight guy with boner and tattoos and piercings



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Soap, Sand, Sleep and Stiff !

Thursday 30 August 2007 @ 4:05 pm

Today’s photographs feature tented shorts – asleep and awake, a soapy sexual encounter and a couple of nude beach couples!


Nothing much to say about our first candid photo – except that this amateur guy really knows how to pitch a tent!!

Amateur straight guy asleep tenting his shorts


Today’s next photo is a classic straight porn bathroom scene where there’s plenty of froth but no water!

The suds skilfully applied to the tip of this horny naked straight guy’s dick is quite a nice touch, though!!

Naked straight guy in shower washing girlfriend


Back to the old ‘tent in the shorts’ trick again now – this time an amateur private (but not candid!) photo of a guy who is definitely awake and enjoying the opportunity to show off!

Amateur straight guy at party with boner in shorts


More Rafian candid nude beach shots next to finish off today’s selection!

Here’s two new couples happily letting it all hang out (well……more like ‘pop up’!!!)

naked straight guy and girlfriend at beach

straight guy and his girlfriend naked at beach



Red Undies Grey Undies

Red Speedo Guy: 1 2 3


Paint, Pose, Porn and Pack !

Wednesday 29 August 2007 @ 4:02 pm

Outdoors today we have a speedo guy posing and also a nicely painted penis (!) while indoors we have an excited guy in undies and a couple of straight porn guys watching straight porn!


Today’s first photograph is of an amateur guy who really loves being photographed (a reward for all his hard work ‘creating’ his body?).

This guy is very nicely contoured (especially in the speedos department)!!

Amateur straight guy posing in speedos at the beach


Nice camouflage on the guy in our next photo!

It’s a very artistic effect which the female artist has created on this amateur straight guy. I particularly like the way she’s used the contrasting color for both his back and his boner!!

photo af amateur straight guy with boner being body painted


Although I have my doubts about the ‘ladies’ in our next photo, there seems to be no doubt at all that there’s some serious and genuine sexuality happening in this guy’s underwear!!

Guy with boner in underwear talking to topless ladies


Our last photo today is courtesy of Bang Bang Boys.

These two naked straight guys are Leo and Andre who normally work in the straight porn business but who were persuaded to ‘work together’ for this photoshoot and video.

(See free video previews of Andre and Leo here!)

Two naked guys jerking off on bed watching porn



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