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Touch, Tent, Turgid and Tattoo !

Wednesday 31 October 2007 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos feature an athletic self-grope, a guy’s boner at the nude beach and a hot tattooed hunk showing off!


Here’s an example of how exciting good candid sports photography can be – and what a great way to start today’s photos!

amateur straight guy sportsman grabbing himself


More excitement (both for us and for this photo’s amateur straight guy subject!) with more candid photography – this time at the beach and courtesy of Rafian!

horny amateur straight guy at beach with girlfriend

straight guy gets boner at nude beach with girlfriend


Today’s final photos aren’t crash hot on quality (they’re most likely video captures) but the subject is certainly hot.

This amateur straight guy is from Extra Big Dicks and has some very impressive meat tattoos to show off.

You can see more of his tattoos (and you’ll also see how big he really gets) in these free photos !

photo of amateur straight guy showing off tattoos

naked straight guy with tattoos holding his big dick


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Rising, Risen and Rub !

Tuesday 30 October 2007 @ 4:03 pm

Today’s photos all feature a couch. Happily they also feature a selection of amateur and naked straight guys in various stages of undress and arousal!


This pic is the first of a number of vintage black & white photos that I hope to include on a regular basis.

I’m personally very partial to b&w photos – and also to ‘older style’ photos – so it’s a combination which works well for me!!

vintage photo of straight guy with boner


Back now to living colour – and this guy is a straight porn star who’s rapidly on the rise!

(…and yes – I’ve reverted to ‘Aussie’ spelling !)

straight guy showing dick with girlfriend


Today’s final 2 photos are from Straight Boys Jerk Off.

This ‘model’ gives us exactly what the site indicates it’s all about – an amateur straight guy stripping off and getting down to business!

(You can see more free pics from this photoshoot here !)

amateur straight guy stripping to his underwear

yung naked straight guy jerking off



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Sitting, Surfing, Swinging and Standing !

Monday 29 October 2007 @ 4:02 pm

We have an interesting collection of photos today including a self-grope shot, a naked surfer, a big swinging dick at the beach and a hot Aussie posing!


Today’s first photo is one of my favourite candid shots which needs no further explanation!

amateur wrestler groping while watching the comp


Next is a photo of a competitor in a naked surfing contest (which in fact took place just a few minutes walk from where I’m writing this)!

It was fortunate that our photographer found himself on the inside of the barrier as our amateur contestant was using his board to shield his private bits from the snap-happy crowd on the outside of the barrier!

naked straight guy in surf competition


Coccozella contributor ‘Andy O’ is responsible for today’s next photo.

This shot was taken at an organized photographic event where nudity is basically compulsory!

I’m sure that the amateur straight guy who features in this shot is very glad to be naked as it must be mighty uncomfortable trying to contain that pendulous dick inside clothing!!

naked straight guy with big dick at the beach


Our last 2 photos for today are courtesy of Boy Models Australia.

This is 19 year old Daniel – an amateur straight guy ‘plucked from obscurity’ for this photoshoot.

Daniel obviously enjoyed the experience as he has now made himself available for modelling work worldwide!

(You can see more free photos from this set here !)

amateur straight guy model daniel

nude photo of straight aussie guy


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