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Changing, Challenging and Checking !

Thursday 29 November 2007 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a guy caught candidly from behind, a naked guy impressing the ladies and a college boy being examined by his doctor!


Our first photo today is a cleverly captured candid shot of an amateur straight guy getting changed near the beach (and what a captivating candid shot it is)!!

amateur straight guy caught getting changed


Our straight porn pic today has been cropped so as not to upset those of a more sensitive disposition.

(Besides which this naked straight guy is going to be the focus of attention anyway!)

naked straight guy showing himself to the ladies


Today’s final two photos are again from College Boy Physicals (one of my favourite sites)!

I personally enjoy ‘preliminary’ scenes such as these more than the eventual (more ‘intimate’) interaction between the ‘doctor’ and his amateur straight guy patient.

Luckily CBP caters for all tastes (possibly a bad pun if you check out the other free photos from today’s featured set!) in its photosets and movies.

amateur straight guy gets a medical examination

doctor removes amateur straight guys underwear



7 new photos have been posted on Massage Room Guys


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Built Body, Bold Boner and Beach Boy !

Wednesday 28 November 2007 @ 4:06 pm

A vintage underwear bulge, a nude beach boner and a bare Aussie beach boy are the subjects of today’s photos!

Our first photo today is another in our series of vintage black & white physique photos – this time of the very appealing Joe Leitel as photographed by Pat Milo.

vintage physique photo with underwear bulge


Our next two candid beach photographs are courtesy of Rafian who has uncharacteristically taken these shots just of this solo guy.

(Mind you, this naked straight guy has one mighty impressive boner!)

Naked straight guy with huge boner at beach

nude beach photo of straight guy with big boner


Finally today we have 18 year old Scott, an Aussie straight guy beach lover from Boy Models Australia who also loves showing off his youthful body (and will happily consider any offers of paid modelling work)!

(You can see more of Scott in these free photos !)

aussie amateur straight guy scott posing

amateur straight guy posing nude at the beach



Bulging in White

1 2 3 4

Bulging in Blue

1 2 3


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Exposed, Examined and Excited !

Tuesday 27 November 2007 @ 4:04 pm

Today’s photos include a sportsman’s accidental exposure, a straight guy’s partial exposure and a naked guy’s deliberate exposure !


Our first photo today appears to have been scanned possibly from a newspaper article (in which case the editor wasn’t paying too much attention to detail)!

Regardless of whether this case of exposure was originally deliberate or totally accidental, I’m sure that (like me!) you will not be ignoring the detail!

sportsman accidentally showing dick


Today’s next photo is a straight porn pic in which the ‘older woman’ spies this younger straight guy ‘accidentally’ exposing his fleshy dick while ‘asleep’.

I’m sure that you know how the story will unfold ( – probably the same way it would unfold if you were the one doing the spying)!!

straight guy asleep with dick showing


Lastly today 2 really nicely photographed shots from Bang Bang Boys of Jr Caricoa – a 31 year old amateur guy who is 5’10” tall and 9.5 ” long!

(You can see free movie previews of Jr here !)

naked straight guy in the shower

naked straight guy with big boner  jerking off


October’s photo archive gallery is now online !


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