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Frat Fun, Fated Foursome and Fearless Friends !

Monday 31 December 2007 @ 3:57 pm

Our featured photographs today include a couple of amateurs in undies, four naked guys ready for some hot action with an older woman and two straight guys being paid to jerk off!


Today’s first photo is of two interestingly attired members of a group of amateur straight guys engaging in some form of…..something!

It could be a celebration…or an initiation…or just some skylarking.

Whatever the case it’s certainly entertaining ( for us as well as them)!!

two amateur straight guys skylarking in underwear


Here’s an intrepid group of multi-generational would-be porn stars!

It seems that the female ‘star’ has a bad case of facial pixellation but the assorted naked straight guys in the photo all seem quite healthy.

You’ll note that each of the 3 younger guys seems to have found his own way of getting turned on – one’s looking at the woman, another is looking at his own dick and the third is sneaking a peak at one of the other guys!

naked straight guys ready for group sex with older woman


Our last two photos today are of a couple of amateur straight guys doing what so many others seem to be doing these days (thankfully!) – jerking off in front of the camera to earn some extra cash!

This particular duo, brought to us (appropriately enough!) by Straight Boys Jerk Off appears not to be put off the ‘task at hand’ by having to ‘do the deed’ in front of each other.

(You can see more free photos of these guys fulfilling their assigned task here !)

two good looking amateur straight guys in jeans watching porn

tw amateur naked straight guys jerking off



7 new photos have been posted on Massage Room Guys


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Tight, Tan and Teen !

Sunday 30 December 2007 @ 4:05 pm

Today’s photos include an amateur guy flexing for the camera in his undies, a naked guy sprawled out on the beach, and a trim Aussie teen guy showing his stuff!


Our first pic today is a private photo of this cool amateur straight guy flexing in his bulging tighty whities!

I wonder who he’s trying to impress (and I wonder who’s taking the photograph!)?

amateur straight guy flexing in bulging underwear


Next today we have a guy giving himself an all-over tan and in the process exposing himself to a bypassing photographer who, luckily for us, has a camera all set up and ready to go!

This photo is courtesy of Coccozella contributor ‘No Tan Lines’.

naked straight guy at nude beach


Today’s last 2 photos have been provided by All Australian Boys and feature young Aussie amateur straight guy, sports enthusiast and would-be model Karl.

Although the first photo is a relatively simple shot, I think that it shows Karl at his best. The second shot – although not as ‘facially’ pleasing – does reveal other aspects of Karl which are well worth catching sight of!!

cute aussie amateur straight guy Karl

naked Aussie straight guy



Yellow Bulge Blue Bulge 1 Blue Bulge 2


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Exposed, Extreme, Excited and Exceptional !

Saturday 29 December 2007 @ 4:03 pm

A straight guy exposure prank, a vintage black & white nude, a cute Asian guy with his girlfriend and a hot naked Latin guy make up the subjects of today’s photos!


We start the day with a private photo of a typical amateur straight guy prank!

The perpetrator of this particular episode is obviously not content with having his exposed dick photographed by another member of his group and is taking great care to shoot his own close up of that playful penis of his!!

amateur straight guy with his dick out


Today’s next pic is another in our series of black & white vintage physique photographs.

This is a photo of Don Robinson by Dave Martin.

vintage nude male photo


Our next photo is of a rather cute young Asian couple.

Although most viewers would probably like the naked straight guy subject’s face to have been turned towards the camera, the head being turned away does give an impression of shyness which has it’s own charm!

naked asian straight guy has boner with girlfriend


Lastly today we have 2 photos from Bang Bang Boys.

This is Fabio, an amateur straight guy who certainly doesn’t mind being naked and who really loves performing for the camera!

(You can see free preview clips of Fabio here !)

hot latin straight guy stud with underwear bulge

naked straight guy fabio with big boner


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