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Bulge, Bare, Boxers and Boner !

Thursday 31 January 2008 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a candid shot of a guy in undies having a scratch, a naked guy and his girlfriend showing all and a youthful amateur guy taking off his pants and then doing some serious jerking !


Our first photo looks to be a genuine candid shot of this amateur straight guy having a little scratch/fondle through his undies (as one does when on the ‘phone)!

This sort of shot is very much a ‘prize catch’ for any candid photographer!!

amateur straight guy in underwear scratching himself


Today’s next photo is from Coccozella contributor ‘Naked Couple’ – a name which is very appropriate in view of the subject matter here!

The nicely proportioned couple in the photo are obviously having a good time at a nudist camping area and are certainly not camera shy.

naked straight guy and girlfriend showing off


Our final two photos today are from Straight Boys Jerk off.

The youthful looking amateur straight guy who is earning some extra cash by ‘performing’ for the camera seems a little apprehensive as he strips off in the first photo.

He seems to have relaxed somewhat by the time the second photo was taken – now totally naked and with boner in hand.

Judging by his facial expression he’s at a point in the shoot where he’s totally oblivious to the camera and is seemingly close to doing some shooting of his own!

(You can see more free photos from this set here !)

young amateur straight guy pulling down his pants

naked straight guy with boner in hand


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Underwear, Undressed and Uninhibited !

Wednesday 30 January 2008 @ 4:02 pm

We have a varied collection of photos today including an amateur guy stripped on stage, a vintage physique photo, an Aussie amateur guy at the beach, a tattooed naked guy fully erect in the face of his girlfriend and a couple of amateurs skylarking in underwear!


Today’s first semi-candid photo features a very cute (but I feel somewhat inebriated!) amateur straight guy naked in the midst of some underwear clad ladies at an undisclosed venue.

Although I very much like this photo, I fear that it has been genetically modified by ‘Photoshop’!!

naked straight guy on stage with underwear girls


Next, another in our series of vintage black & white physique photos.

This photo is of John Winship and is another example of the work of Pat Milo.

vintage nude male photo


Today’s next pic is of Aussie amateur straight guy Jade who can be seen in all his natural splendour at Boy Models Australia.

Aussie amateur straight guy Jade in boardshorts


On to the wonderful world of straight porn next with this ‘inspiring’ photo of our tattooed naked straight guy ‘star’ with his almost worshipful co-star starting to look a little peckish!

There’s a lot to like about this photo!!

naked straight guy with boner in girlfriends face


Lastly today I introduce a new feature that will appear from time to time:

Photos I Wish I’d Posted First

( – a tribute to my fellow bloggers who ‘beat me to it’!)

This photo (and of course many other great shots) can be found at: Wet Boxers Guy

two amateur straight guys bearhug in underwear


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Strip, Sun and Stiff !

Tuesday 29 January 2008 @ 4:10 pm

Today’s photos include a couple of amateur guys stripping, a naked couple at the beach and a guy showing how good he looks in undies and naked!


Our first photo today shows a couple of amateur straight guys stripping – either at a contest or at an audition of some kind.

Both of these guys seem very focussed on their performance.

This photo very nicely captures the guy on the right with an attitude which is bound to get the audience worked up and begging to see more!!

two amateur straight guys stripping


Today’s next photo is yet another Rafian candid classic!

This naked straight guy is very obviously ready for action and his lady looks like she’s going to be an all too willing accomplice!

naked straight guy with boner at beach with ladyfriend


Lastly today we have 2 photos from Men Over 30.

This guy may be ‘more mature’ but he’s still a major turn on!!

(You can see more free photos from this set here !)

hot amateur straight guy with underwear bulge

naked straight guy holding his big boner



December’s photo gallery is now online and is available from the Photo Archive page .


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