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Back Again in about a Week!!

Thursday 28 February 2008 @ 4:08 pm


I’m on the verge of moving house and, despite my best efforts to ensure a ‘seamless transition’ to the new premises, I’ve been advised today that there’s a problem with my telephone line and internet connection which will take approx 1 week to be resolved – so there will be no new posts during that period.

In the meantime, the January Photo Archive is now online – so you’ll have plenty of pics to review at your leisure!!!

Cheers –


Towel, Twosome, Tattoo and Tool !

Wednesday 27 February 2008 @ 3:43 pm

Today’s photos include an amateur guy revealing what’s beneath his towel, a naked couple at the beach and a very hot looking amateur guy stripping and stripped!


Our first exhibit today is a private photo of an amateur straight guy who is certainly not trying to keep his privates very private (and I think he’s enjoying it)!!!

amateur straight guy showing his dick under towel

Today’s next photo is a candid shot from Coccozella contributor ‘Beer Bandit’ and features a naked couple going for a romantic stroll along a deserted beach (well not 100% deserted – ‘Beer Bandit’ must have been lurking around somewhere)!!

nude couple strolling at the beach


Our final two photos for today show an amateur straight guy firstly starting to strip and then totally naked – and seemingly proud of what he has to offer!

These pics are courtesy of Straight Boys Jerk Off and you can see more free photos from this set here !

hot looking amateur straight guy starting to undress

naked straight guy proudly showing off his body


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Fit, Football and Fetish !

Tuesday 26 February 2008 @ 4:02 pm

Today our featured photographs include a couple of naked guys proving themselves at an initiation, a good looking amateur Aussie sports enthusiast and a naked guy in an interesting position with his girlfriend!


Our first photo shows two amateur straight guys at their initiation (and of course also shows their bits and pieces)!!

This pic very cleverly captures the look on the guy’s face on the right of the photo!

two naked straight guys being initiated


Our next two photos of James are courtesy of Teen Boy Models and nicely showcase the quality of the fresh Aussie amateur straight guy talent used by that site.

(You’ll have to visit the site to see all of James!)

Aussie amateur straight guy with football at beach

Aussie amateur straight guy doing sit ups at the beach


Finally today a classic straight porn pic which has kindly been submitted by Geoff of Lampoon Straight Guys.

This good looking naked straight guy is very obviously an habitual wearer of board shorts!!

horny naked straight guy find a new home for his boner



7 new photos have been posted on Guys & Cameras & Mirrors


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