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Brave, Bulge and Big !

Wednesday 30 April 2008 @ 4:08 pm

Our selection of photos today includes a group of naked guys in a public square, an enormous track pants bulge and a very straight guy in and out of his undies!


Today’s first photo is another pic (shot from a different angle) of the naked guys parading in Christchurch, New Zealand, who featured in a previous post.

This profile view of the guys shows off their ‘bits’ very clearly.

These guys are being brave not only by their public nudity but also just by braving the chilly weather!

group of amateur straight guys parading naked in public


Although this moisture inducing ‘self pic’ probably should have been posted on one of my other blogs (guess which one!), I felt that it was such a good bulge photo that it deserved to be shown here!

amateur straight guy showing huge bulge in track pants


Our two remaining photos for today are from Extra Big Dicks and feature a hot amateur straight guy very appropriately called Pierce.

Pierce is 24 yo and boasts that not only does he have a wife but also has 2 girlfriends (……mmmmmmmmm).

If you’d like to see more free photos of Pierce (and see why he qualifies to be included in the EBD site) you can check them out here!

hot amateur straight guy bulging his underwear

naked straight guy with legs spread showing dick



As I was ‘AWOL’ for most of March I’ll be including the March photos in the April Photo Archive which will be online towards the end of May (got that?)!!

In the meantime don’t forget that all previous months’ photos are available in gallery format from the Photo Archives page.


Smashed, Sunning, Stripped and Scared !

Tuesday 29 April 2008 @ 4:07 pm

Our featured photos today include a group of three straight guys showing off in underwear, a nude couple at the beach and an amateur guy undergoing a medical examination!


Today’s first pic is another private photo of a group of amateur straight guys – this time well ‘under the weather’- showing off for a photographically inclined buddy!

The ‘happy snapper’ appears to have been mildy inebriated himself as he’s almost completely missed the guy showing off his balls!

three drunk amateur straight guys showing off in underwear


Our next two photos are candid shots taken at a nude beach by master of that genre, Rafian !

In the second pic, our naked straight guy seems to be getting a little worked up by whatever it is that his female companion is doing to him!

naked straight guy at the beach with girlfriend

girlfriend gets naked straight guy worked up at nude beach


Lastly today two photos from my favourite medical fetish site College Boy Physicals .

The amateur straight guy receiving his examination looks somewhat concerned in the first shot when the ‘doctor’ starts removing his pants and then in the second shot is looking more scared than anything else.

If you’d like to check out these free photos you’ll see that his expression does change later on – initially to a look of enjoyment and eventually to a look of satisfaction!!

amateur straight guy gets pants pulled down by doctor

naked straight guy receiving medical examination


Exposed, Exemplary and Extremely Hot !

Monday 28 April 2008 @ 4:05 pm

Today’s photos include a straight guy getting stripped by his female admirers, a vintage black & white nude physique shot and a hot naked amateur guy both flaccid and erect!


Our first pic is a private photo of an amateur straight guy being slowly stripped by a couple of his clothed female friends.

The looks on all three of the subjects’ faces tell the story nicely, I think!!

amateur straight guy getting stripped by two clothed ladies


Today’s vintage b&w nude physique shot features Jim Lewis as captured by John Arnt.

vintage black & white nude male physique photo


Finally today an amateur straight guy by the name of Nate.

Nate is 24 yo and is 5’10” tall and weighs 180 lbs.

(I like Nate a lot!!)

These two photos are courtesy of the Amateur Straight Guys website !

amateur straight guy Nate posing nude

naked straight guy Nate showing boner



7 new photos have been posted on Massage Room Guys .


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