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Bath, Balls, Bare and Boner !

Saturday 31 May 2008 @ 2:07 pm

Today’s photos include a naked guy in the bathroom, an amateur guy getting tea-bagged and a horny straight guy stripping and stripped !


Our first photo is actually a straight porn pic of a slim guy with a significantly sized dick (nice one too!!) in the tub (not wet but apparently reaching for his towel anyway)!

This naked guy proves that he really is straight by going on to conquer his female co-star who appears later in the scene!

naked straight guy with big dick in the bath


What could be more ‘amateur-straight-guy-ish’ than a classic tea-bagging photo!

amateur straight guy tea bagging his mate


Lastly today, 2 pics from No Way Am I Gay.

This is Brad Carter – an amateur straight guy who seems to have a problem controlling his erection!

(You can see more free photos of Brad here !)

amateur straight guy with boner removing his underwear

naked straight guy Brad holding his boner



7 new photos have been posted on Massage Room Guys


Posing, Picturesque and Prizeworthy !

Friday 30 May 2008 @ 4:14 pm

Our photos today include an amateur guy showing off his underwear, a naked guy and his lady at the nude beach and a nicely proportioned amateur guy posing!


Today’s first photo shows an amateur straight guy who thinks that his undies look so great on him (or should that be ‘who thinks that he looks so great in his undies?) that he thinks they (he?) deserves to be photographed!

I agree with him – whichever way he puts it (if you’ll pardon the expression)!!

amateur straight guy showing off his underwear bulge


Next up we have another great candid nude beach shot from Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ who has managed to successfully capture all of this naked straight guy’s big cock muscles in splendid detail!

naked straight guy and his lady at nude beach


Lastly today we have two photos of amateur straight guy Vance who I must confess doesn’t look particularly comfortable posing for the camera but photographer Anthony Duran has still managed to get the most out of him!

These shots are part of a photoshoot for the Amateur Straight Guys website.

naked straight guy Vance from the rear

naked straight guy Vance - full frontal


Balls, Boner and Beautifully Built !

Thursday 29 May 2008 @ 4:02 pm

Our selected photos today include an amateur guy being encouraged by his mates to show his balls, a very erect straight guy in the arms of his lover and a hot amateur guy showing his body and his boner!


Today’s first photo captures some more drunk amateur straight guy fun!

I’m just wondering why the guy on the right feels that it’s necessary for him to point out the exposed body bit to the camera – I think our subject is doing a very good job of making it obvious all by himself!!

amateur straight guy gets out his balls


Straight porn time again and the naked straight guy star of this little scene is very pleasingly rigid.

(Alas, I hate to tell him but his ‘ladyfriend’ is likely to become equally erect ‘herself’ a little later on in the photoshoot!)

naked straight guy with boner in arms of his lover


Lastly today, meet Collin – another naked straight guy from the impressive archive of Bang Bang Boys !

naked straight guy touching himself

naked straight guy handling his big boner



(Please note – Flickr seems to have been deleting many photos from the collections of some of my favourite Flickr members. I hope the photos I’ve linked to below are still around by the time you get a chance to check them out!)

Grey Bulge

Speedo Bulge

Undies Bulge

Spandex Bulge


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