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Cock, Cliff, Calvins and Cute !

Monday 30 June 2008 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s selection of photos includes an amateur guy exposing himself to the camera (and his mates!), a straight guy enjoying a cliff-face encounter with his lady and a cute French amateur straight guy in and out of underwear!


Our first pic today is a private photo which I admit has ‘done the rounds’ but is nonetheless worthy of yet more exposure (as it were)!

I personally enjoy the spontaneity of this photo, together with the three amateur straight guy subjects showing that curious mix of mirth and embarrassment plus just a touch of sexual pleasure!

amateur straight guy shows his dick to his mates


Here’s one of my favourite Rafian pics – a straight guy caught in action with his lady.

Whilst not ‘genitally explicit’ this is still a very erotically charged photo!

straight guy nailing his girlfriend against a cliff


Today’s final two pics are of Chris – a French amateur straight guy looking hot in and out of undies as he poses for the cameras of the Amateur Straight Guys website .

amateur straight guy Chris showing off his underwear

naked straight guy Chris posing for the camera


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Sticking Out, Standing Up and Sitting Stiffly !

Sunday 29 June 2008 @ 4:08 pm

Today’s photos include an amateur shot of a guy with an intriguing beach bulge, a fully erect naked straight guy helping his ladyfriend to undress and 2 more pics of amateur guy Craig revealing all!


The composition of today’s first amateur photo leaves a lot to be desired but it was obviously the only way that the photographer could include the straight guy with the bulge in the same shot as the girl trying to keep her balance on the board!

amateur straight guy bulging at the beach


Today’s straight porn pic features a cute naked guy who is very well primed and ready for action!

naked straight guy with full erection undressing ladyfriend


You’ll recall that last week I had 2 photos submitted of a hot amateur guy called Craig.

I also promised that there was more of Craig to come (so to speak!) – and today’s the day!

These two black & white photos show a more relaxed (and more naked!) Craig showing us what he’s got (and what he can do with it)!!

amateur straight guy Craig relaxing and showing all

amateur straight guy Craig with boner in hand



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Happy, Hung and Horny !

Saturday 28 June 2008 @ 4:06 pm

Our featured photos today include a wrestler bulging very impressively, a naked guy undressing a mystery woman and a hot amateur guy attending to his needs in the shower!


Today’s first photo is another in our series of wrestlers and their bulges!

wrestler showing his bulge


Our straight porn photo today features a very nicely hung naked straight guy undressing a woman who apparently prefers to remain anonymous!

naked straight guy with big dick undressing woman


Lastly today, we have TJ – an amateur straight guy whose photographer says that he’s a very friendly guy with a great attitude and is therefore always a pleasure to work with.

This photoshoot for Bang Bang Boys is a shower solo scene and TJ really gets into the spirit of things as he feels up his body while jerking his dick!

rear view of naked straight guy in the shower

amateur straight guy jerking off in the shower



All of the photos posted in May are now available in gallery format from our Photo Archives page!


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