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Balls, Bath, Bulge and Boners !

Thursday 31 July 2008 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s selection of photos includes several guys in underwear, a locker room bath scene and two pics of naked guys jerking off!


I don’t think I’ve posted today’s first amateur straight guy pic before but even if I have, it’s still worth checking out again (despite its graininess).

I get the feeling that this guy’s underwear belongs to someone else (!) and doesn’t appear to be very comfortable – but the minor wardrobe malfunction is very enjoyable!

amateur straight guy in revealing underwear


Next today is another slightly grainy shot, this time of a group of sportsmen enjoying their after-match communal bath.

I’m sure I’ve seen this photo in colour before but I’m a bit of a fan of black & white photography so I don’t mind this version.

I wonder who the ‘reclining nude dude’ is trying to impress – the photographer, the viewing public or maybe just himself! Whatever his intent, his team-mates certainly seem enthused by his behaviour!

naked straight guy sportsmen in the bath


Our final 3 photos for today are courtesy of Circle Jerk Boys.

I think that pairing together these two amateur straight guys was a good choice because both guys are kind of ‘interesting looking’!

I don’t know if two guys together constitutes a ‘circle jerk’ and I’m not sure if what these two guys get up to could actually be referred to as ‘jerking’ (as you can see in the other photos from this set), so I’m quite content with the 3 pix I’ve selected (especially the undies bulge in the first photo)!!

amateur straight guy in bulging underwear with his mate

amateur straight guy wearing only a shirt jerks off

amateur straight guy jerking off while sitting on the edge of the bed



Swim Bulge 1 Swim Bulge 2 Swim Bulge 3


Bulge, Bicycle and Broke Buddies !

Wednesday 30 July 2008 @ 4:06 pm

Our photos today include a cute speedo bulge, a naked guy about to mount his bike and a couple of amateur straight guys jerking off together for cash!


Today’s first photo shows a nicely toned, nicely tanned and nicely bulging speedo-clad amateur straight guy ready to compete in a swimming competition (and even with the goggles on, he still has a great face as well)!

amateur straight guy bulging in blue speedos


I’ve been searching around for another ‘skinny dude on the beach’ photo (as requested). The closest I’ve come (as it were!) is a skinny dude at the WNBR so I hope ‘close enough’ is ‘good enough’ (at least for the time being)!!

*** I’ve been politely (and justifiably) berated by a reader for using an unexplained abbreviation (specifically ‘WNBR’) in yesterday’s post. Since I’ve just done the same thing again I’d better avoid incurring that reader’s wrath by explaining that WNBR stands for World Naked Bike Ride ! ***

naked straight guy WNBR participant


We’ll finish ourselves off today with 3 photos from Broke Straight Boys.

The members of this amateur straight guy duo don’t look overly enthused about having to jerk off next to each other but (as these photos show) they certainly warmed to the idea (and indeed to a few other ideas) as the photoshoot progressed (and we know they were only doing it for the money – of course)!!

two amateur straight guys getting horny watching porn

two amateur straight guys in underwear getting horny

two naked straight guys jerking off watching porn


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Road Rider, Rural and Revealing !

Tuesday 29 July 2008 @ 11:50 am

The photos we feature today include a naked guy participating in the WNBR and an Aussie amateur guy posing outdoors and then showing us what he’s made of in an indoor studio shot!


As happens around the time of the WNBR, I get exposed to literally hundreds of photos of participants from around the world.

Although I tend not to post any of them, I occasionally find a participant who ‘intrigues’ me sufficiently to warrant his inclusion!

I really like the look of this naked straight guy with his not-unattractive female co-rider so I thought I’d share him with you.

My thanks to Coccozella contributor ‘Tarzan’ for these pics, by the way!!

naked straight guy with girlfriend at WNBR

amateur straight guy WNBR competitor


Our remaining two photos for today feature Aussie amateur straight guy Aaron from Teen Boy Models.

You’ll note the attractive Australian scenery in the background of the first photo and the attractive Australian scenery in the foreground of the second photo!

cute Aussie amateur straight guy posing with car

Aussie amateur straight guy Aaron posing nude



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