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Stripped, Stripping and Stiff !

Sunday 31 August 2008 @ 4:15 pm

Today’s photos include a naked guy showing his balls to the camera, an amateur guy getting his kicks from stripping in front of his friends, and a straight guy doing his first ever nude photoshoot!


Our first photo features two amateur straight guys, one of whom (yes, the naked one) seems to be marginally more intoxicated than the other!

The ‘squeezed’ testicle makes for an interesting photo but it’s not something that I’d recommend doing just for the sake of art!

amateur straight guy holding his balls


Here’s an amateur straight guy who prefers ‘swinging’ to ‘strangling’ and is very proudly showing off at this unusual but very interesting looking party!

The other guys in the crowd have managed to keep their underwear on (and are heartily amused by the naked antics of their friend) but the girls at the party are all fully dressed and not remotely interested in what’s happening on the table (??)

amateur straight guy stripping on the table at a party


Lastly today, two photos from Real Boys 4U .

This is Ales – a  22 year old amateur straight guy from Prague.

Ales likes to think of himself as being very open minded and is always willing to try something new – in this case a nude photoshoot.

Judging by his smile (not to mention the boner!!) Ales is finding this adventure to his liking.

One wonders what ‘new thing’ he’ll be trying next !!

amateur straight guy Ales undressing

naked straight guy Ales posing for the camera with boner in hand



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Triathlete, Togetherness, Tired and Trim !

Saturday 30 August 2008 @ 4:07 pm

Our selected photos  today include a bulging young triathlete, a bulging speedo swimmer, an erect naked straight guy fast asleep and a lineup of not-so-fit amateur straight guy sportsmen!


Our first amateur straight guy on display today is this healthy, young and brilliantly bulging triathlete!

amateur straight guy triathlete showing bulge in spandex


Today’s next photo features a group of amateur ‘sportsmen’ of varying shapes and sizes performing one of those uniquely ‘straight guy sportsmen’ rituals!

group of naked straight guys lined up in sports ritual


This photo is actually from a straight porn shoot.  I cropped out the fully dressed female ‘co-star’ who (as you can guess)  was somewhat older than our erectfully sleeping naked straight guy and who was also firmly attached – by the hand – to a vacuum cleaner!  I need to point out that this ruthless cropping was merely to reduce the size of the image and that I have absolutely nothing against either middle-aged women or vacuum cleaners!

naked straight guy with boner asleep on couch


Lastly today, two small but powerful photos of Nathan, whose  hot music video is available from the appropriately named  Male Perfection website!

hot guy Nathan posing Nathan in speedos



All of this week’s daily Massage Room Guys photos have now been posted.


Vigour, Virile and Vulnerable !

Friday 29 August 2008 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos include a tattooed straight guy bulging his shorts, a naked guy getting off checking out the rear of his girlfriend and an amateur straight guy getting his intimate parts examined by a doctor!


Our first photo today was sent to me by someone who thought that this straight looking guy with a tattoo and bulging shorts might be of interest to me.

(I don’t know why he thought that!)

tattooed amateur straight guy with bulge in shorts


Today’s straight porn pic is a photo which I was a little undecided about posting.  Sure, there’s a good looking naked straight guy in a state of great sexual excitement in the presence of a hooker  – but you’ll note that the object of his attention has a little suprise for him once he gets a frontal view!

(Of course, I could have cropped out the hooker – but then I’d have nothing to write about !!)

naked straight guy getting excited with hooker


Back on more familiar territory now and yet another amateur straight guy getting his physical from the unscrupulous medical staff at College Boy Physicals !

(Actually it’s very familiar territory for me – I have the same two posters shown in the first pic on the wall in my spare room ..but I think it’s best we don’t pursue that subject any further!)

These free photos will give you some more ‘in depth’ coverage of this medical exam!

amateur straight guy in speedos gets medical attention

naked straight guy gets boner during physical examination by doctor


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