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Stopping, Sunning and Stretching !

Tuesday 30 September 2008 @ 4:15 pm

Our selection of photos today includes four amateur guys showing their undies, a naked guy caught candidly at the beach and a straight guy showing off his abs – and everything else – for the camera!


Today’s first photo shows a group of four amateur straight guys apparently in need of some roadside assistance and trying their best to attract the attention of passing motorists (maybe ?)!

I’m wondering what the photographer is doing to cause the subjects to assume such strange facial expressions – although this may just be the way they normally look (especially when having their photograph taken with their pants down)!

four amateur straight guys showing off outdoors in undies


Our next pic is a nicely focussed and well composed candid photo of a naked straight guy captured at the beach by one of my favourite Coccozella contributors, “Nude Photographer” (more of whose works I’ll be featuring again soon)!

naked straight guy walking along beach


Lastly today we have two photos of amateur straight guy Nick – a Next Door Male I’d certainly be happy to have as a neighbour!!

(..and you can see more free pics of Nick here !)

amateur straight guy Nick in shorts and showing his abs

naked straight guy Nick showing his body to the camera



All of this week’s daily Massage Room Guys photos have now been posted.


Drunk, Defined, Daring and Dangling !

Monday 29 September 2008 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s photos include some drunk amateur guys clowning around, a splendid wrestler’s torso, a couple of straight boys in the sauna and an Aussie amateur guy and his big dick!


Here’s an ‘oldie’ featuring a group of somewhat inebriated amateur straight guys at play.  I must confess that I’m not overly keen on the guy with the exhibitionistic tendencies (must be the hair, I think!) and I find the fully clothed guy on the right much more interesting!

three drunk amateur straight guys having fun


Today’s next photo features another greco-roman championship wrestler – this time minus a bulge (except for the bulging muscles on his very impressive torso)!

greco-roman wrestler showing muscular torso


Believe it or not, this is today’s ‘straight porn’ pic!

Don’t be fooled by the way these two straight guys are looking at each other – they’re actually daring each other to be the first one to make a move on the (somewhat more mature) woman who’s about to plonk herself down between them.

(I know cos I’ve seen ‘what happens next’ – and I can tell you,  it’s not pretty!!!)

two straight guys in underwear together in the sauna


Lastly today, this is the very appropriately named ‘Big Rod’ – an Aussie amateur straight guy and would-be model courtesy of  Teen Boy Models.

Aussie amateur straight guy Rod

Aussie naked straight guy Rod at the beach


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Fight, Fat and Fit !

Sunday 28 September 2008 @ 4:13 pm

Our featured photos today include a bulging wrestler, a mooning footballer showing his dick and a ripped amateur guy in undies and then naked and very erect!


We start today by returning to the Greco-Roman wrestling championships and another cute bulge being displayed by the match winner!

greco-roman wrestler bulge


Here’s a group of straight guy footballers on board the team bus mooning at passing traffic.  As you can see (and it’s hard to miss !) the view from inside the bus is much better!

amateur straight guy footballer in bus showing fat dick


Our final two amateur straight guy photos for today come from No Way Am I Gay.

This is Criss Strokes (groan) whose ripped body and rigid rod (now I’m beginning to sound like them !) are sure to please a wide criss cross section of viewers.

(You can see more free photos of how Criss Strokes strokes here !)

amateur straight guy Criss with bulging underwear

naked straight guy Criss showing very big boner



All of this week’s daily Fit Photo Guys pics have now been posted.


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