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Comparing, Competing and Cute !

Sunday 30 November 2008 @ 4:14 pm

Our selection of photos today includes a bunch of amateur guys comparing their bodies, a bulging greco-roman wrestler and an Aussie amateur guy naked in the sand dunes!


Today’s first photo shows a group of ‘body conscious’ amateur straight guys clowning around.  I’m not quite sure what the expression on the guy looking at the camera means but it could signify that his left hand is ready to do a bit of an unzip and reveal!   The guy who’s pointing his bum at the camera seems to be checking out that hand action as well!

group of amateur straight guys in various stages of undress


Our next photo is of a rugged Russian bulge Greco-Roman wrestler by the name of Evgeny Popov who was a competitor at this year’s European championships.

bulging Russian Greco-Roman wrestler


Our final 2 pics for the day feature Cody – an Aussie amateur straight guy and would-be model from Boy Models Australia.

Aussie amateur straight guy Cody doing pushups in the sand

Aussie amateur straight guy Cody posing naked in the sand dunes



Underwear ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

Underwear Bulge

Beach Bulge



All of this week’s daily Guys & Cameras & Mirrors photos have now been posted.


Pissed, Pirate and Proud !

Saturday 29 November 2008 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a drunk guy naked in public, a cool looking pirate wearing a see-through posing strap and an amateur guy who can’t wait to show off his big dick!


Our first photo today features a naked straight guy who, together with the girlfriend who’s offering him physical support, has appeared here before in a larger photo (taken from a different angle as I recall) – which is now buried deep in the midst of our photo gallery archives!

I make no apologies for paying a return visit to this happy little scene!

naked straight guy being helped to stay upright by his topless girlfriend


‘Retro bulge’ time now and an ‘interesting’ variation of the ‘standard’ physique photo!

physique photo of a guy with a see through mesh pouch


Today’s final two photos are of an anonymous guy who  is one of the amateur straight guys selected by Extra Big Dicks to feature on their site (and for one very obvious reason)!

This guy looks very pleased with himself as he proudly shows off his lengthy member and I’m sure that the t-shirt with which he has been supplied will be worn at every available opportunity when he returns to the ‘outside world’!

(You can see more free photos – with and without the t-shirt – here!)

amateur straight guy in bulging underwear

amateur straight guy in t-shirt proudly showing off his large boner



All of this week’s daily My Male Medical Fetish photos have now been posted.


Togs, Tattoos, Tease and Talent !

Friday 28 November 2008 @ 4:15 pm

Our photo selection today includes a trim and speedo-clad water polo player, a naked guy admiring himself in the bathroom , a young guy being pestered by two women and a couple of teaser shots of a hot naked guy!


Today’s first photo features a nicely built and nicely bulging water polo player who seems somewhat disturbed by something (perhaps by a poor performance in the pool or – as is more likely – by the annoying photographer taking his picture)!

amateur straight guy water polo player in his bulging speedos


Our next pic looks like a ‘self photo’ but, if so, our naked straight guy has set up his camera to capture him admiring himself in the bathroom mirror (as opposed to just shooting his own reflection).  A nice creative touch I think!  (I also think everything else about him is pretty nice as well!)

tattooed naked straight guy admiring himself in the bathroom mirror


Today’s straight porn pic focusses on Milos who has just been caught watching online porn at work and whose two female co-workers are now in the process of humiliating him by forcing him to ‘perform’ for them.

I love the look on Milos’s face in this pic – he’s quite the little actor, isn’t he!!

straight guy Milos being instructed to play with himself by two female co-workers

Source:   CFNM Fever


Lastly today, another music video performer from Male Perfection.

This is Anthony Vasconez – a mild mannered software testing engineer and competitive wrestler  (and occasional exhibitionist it seems)!

naked straight guy Anthony rear view in the shower naked straight guy Anthony showing a teasing glimpse of his dick



All of this week’s daily Aussie Photo Guys pics have now been posted.


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