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Hunky, Horizontal and Hard !

Wednesday 31 December 2008 @ 4:08 pm

Today’s photos include a bulging guy in black and white, a naked guy and his lady sunbathing and an Aussie amateur guy with a very hard dick!


Let’s start today’s proceedings with a hot photo of a couple of cool dudes from a bygone era – the latest addition to our ‘retro bulge’  series!

retro photo of two amateur straight guys - one with big bulge in his pants


Speaking of couples – here’s one of the mixed variety sunbathing at a secluded beach used by Coccozella contributor ‘Nomad’ for photographic outings.

(Interesting – and probably preferable to the alternative  – that we get her face and his genitals in this pic!)

naked straight guy and his lady sunbathing at the beach


Our last two photos for this year are courtesy of Teen Boy Models and feature …… a teen boy model.

This particular one is Aussie amateur straight guy Dina – looking very cute and proudly rigid!

Aussie amateur straight guy Dina shirtless with his hand down his pants

cute naked straight guy Dina showing off his boner



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Tub, Trio and Tease !

Tuesday 30 December 2008 @ 4:14 pm

Our featured photos today include three naked guys about to share a hot tub, a naked guy ready to demonstrate his dick to two ladies and a straight guy posing provocatively!


Today’s first photo shows three naked straight guys in a hurry to get  to the hot tub before their rapidly rising dicks become too obvious to each other!

three amateur straight guys in a rush to get to the hot tub


Our straight porn pic today features poor Tiffany who has been dumped by her boyfriend because she’s a lousy lay!

Help is at hand, however, as a kindly female sex ‘educationalist’ offers to show her ‘how it’s done’, using a real live naked straight guy to help demonstrate!

naked straight guy ready to show two ladies how to handle a dick

Source:  SexPro Adventures


Lastly today, we get to see both sides of straight guy Dominic Portland as he poses nude and near-nude for Men Over 30 !

(…and I’m sure that he’d be happy to pose for anyone under 30 as well…)

naked straight guy Dominic on the bed

straight guy Dominic showing his dick



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Bed, Bulge, Bothered and Boxer !

Monday 29 December 2008 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s photos include a naked guy on his bed, a championship wrestler and his bulge, a naked guy being harrassed by a couple of clothed women and some sexy posing by a fit boxer!


Let’s start the day with a private bedroom photo and it’s a little difficult to tell whether this naked straight guy has been photographed when he’s actually asleep or whether he’s just been paid a ‘suprise visit’ and is covering up his face (which is a much better option than covering up his ‘other’ bits of course)!

naked straight guy lying on his bed with his legs spread


Next today, we have  Greco-Roman Championship Wrestler  Badri Khasala from Georgia who is looking decidely feral in this photo!

greco-roman wrestler bulging


I’m sure I’ve seen the woodland setting in our next photo somewhere before!

The naked straight guy featured in this CFNM pic is  Ruslik who has had a little too much to drink and whose woodland wanderings  have been intercepted by two women who have decided that he deserves to be punished by being stripped and sexually humiliated.

(I’m sure I’ve heard that scenario somewhere before, as well!)

naked straight guy being humiliated by two clothed women

Source:   CFNM Dogging


Today’s final two photos feature  amateur straight guy boxer (and ex-wrestler) Jakob who was successfully persuaded to pose for one of tastefully erotic music videos produced by Male Perfection.

semi nude straight guy boxer Jakob posing

naked straight guy boxer Jakob looking at himself in the mirror



All of this week’s daily Massage Room Guys photos have now been posted.


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