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Shorts, Sharp, Shameless and Ship Shape !

Tuesday 31 March 2009 @ 4:09 pm

Today’s featured photos include a couple of vintage team photos, a naked guy aiming his boner towards his girlfriend and a naval officer showing much more than just his navel!


We have a couple of interesting ‘retro bulge’ pics for starters today.

The first photo is of a Middle-Eastern soccer team and was taken in 1965. They’re not an overly happy looking bunch of guys but they certainly offer an intriguing assortment of sports shorts packaging!

My thanks to Geoff from Lampoon Straight Guys for submitting this very welcome addition to our collection!

1965 photo of Arab soccer team

Our second addition is a photo apparently from the late 1800’s featuring a group of Japanese wrestlers seeking to look as ferocious as possible!

japanese wrestlers from the late 1800s


There’s nothing retro about today’s next straight porn pic with amateur straight guy Jonny T from Next Door Hookups getting ready for some target practice with his girlfriend Jessie.

Jonny (as you’ll realise) has worked before for the Next Door group of websites, but this is his first photoshoot since they discovered that he is actually in the military.  (I wonder if the military has as yet discovered that he’s actually a part-time ‘porn model’!)

naked straight guy Jonny pointing his boner at his girlfriend

(For a further and more penetrating insight into Jonny’s part-time pursuits, check out these  addtional free photos !)


Continuing with the militaryish theme, our next set of naked straight guy photos focuses on Pretty Petty Officer Cooper of the U.S. Navy.

Cooper is one of the All American Heroes who can normally be found (often standing to attention but not quite in the same way as we see him here!) on board one of the USN’s aircraft carriers.

amateur straight guy Cooper showing off his naval physique

naked straight guy Cooper getting a boner watching porn

naked straight guy Cooper showing what a US Navy boner looks like

Petty Officer Cooper off duty, naked and wanking


P.S. Pic

massage photo


Stretch, Soap and Strip !

Monday 30 March 2009 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photos include first aid in speedos, a slippery massage for a sexy straight guy and an amateur guy happy to pose for the camera both semi-nude and totally naked!


Here’s an unusual speedo shot to get us started today!

I’m not sure if this unfortunate swimmer is being treated for an injury or whether he’s actually in the process of receiving an injury from the first aid attendant!

(I’m also not sure how ethical it is to photograph a ‘patient’ – especially in such a bulgingly vulnerable position – but I suppose a professional sports photographer’s job is to document all the drama surrounding a competition.)

injured swimmer in speedos receiving first aid


Although similarly positioned to the poor guy in our first pic, the naked straight guy in our next photo is receiving a somewhat different kind of therapeutic intervention!

The ‘patient’ in this case is Brian,  who decided to avail himself of some of the services offered by our favourite oriental bath house.

Although Brian initially declined the offer of a happy ending, the sexual sensations of his special slippery sudsy massage are about to make him cum change his mind!

horny naked straight guy getting a soapy happy ending


Soapy Massage


Today’s next amateur straight guy is coincidentally also named Brian.

This Brian is a 23 year old ex-marine who currently works as a personal trainer.  He is obviously very enthusiastic about his own body and welcomed the opportunity to make some money by displaying himself for Real MEN Real HOT whose photographer has positioned Brian in quite a variety of hot poses – capturing him from fully dressed through to naked and cumming!

(I’m actually quite partial to the first pic with Brian checking out his undies bulge in the mirror!)

amateur straight guy Brian checking out his underwear bulge in the mirror

rear view of amateur straight guy Brian in his jockstrap

amateur straight guy Brian stretching in his jockstrap

naked straight guy Brian fully nude and showing his erection after removing his jockstrap


P.S. Pic

naked straight guy on the water


Snotty, Semi and Sunny !

Sunday 29 March 2009 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos include a bulging soccer player, a naked guy starting to get aroused at the beach and an Aussie amateur guy outdoors then naked in the shower!


Our first pic today shows a moment of nasal hygiene that this soccer player would probably rather not have had captured for posterity!

I’m sure he wouldn’t be objecting too much, however, about  his bulging shorts having been photographically eternalised!

soccer player showing a nice bulge in his shorts


More now from Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ who has candidly shotten ( shotten?) this naked straight guy at the beach.

This guy seems to be either checking around to see if anyone has noticed his rising dick  or else the slowly stiffening dick is being caused by whoever it is that has caught his attention!

naked straight guy semi-erect at the beach


Today’s next set of pics feature Aussie amateur straight guy Josh who is looking h-h-hot as he poses outdoors and slightly h-h-hotter as he takes an indoor shower!

These photos of Josh have kindly been provided by Australian Males !

head and torso shot of Aussie amateur straight guy Josh

Aussie amateur straight guy Josh in board shorts sitting on the sand

naked straight guy Josh in the shower with a semi-hard dick


P.S. Pic

naked straight guy webcam self-pic


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