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Bunks, Bulge and Beach !

Thursday 30 April 2009 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos include a bedroom show-off, a straight guy undressing for cash and an amateur pic of an interesting trio!


We might start off today by taking another peek into the private bedroom of an amateur straight guy.

You’ll note that the top bunk in his room seems disused (unlike his dick which I’m sure has been very much used!) so maybe this pic was actually his way of advertising for a new room-mate!

If so, I’m sure he had lots of applicants who would have been very happy to be on top while he’s underneath them!

amateur straight guy in his bedroom showing off his boner


Today’s next set of pics features amateur straight guy Craig at the gym.

The dark and mysterious style of these photos is very much typical of their source website – Real MEN Real HOT –  (as is the lurid watermark)!

Facts & Figures:  Craig is a 27 year old Plant Manager. He’s married (to a woman) and he’s also straight!  He’s 6 feet tall, weighs 186 lbs and is apparently fond of earning extra money by taking off his clothes in front of a camera.

(It’s a pity, though,  that in these teasershots we don’t get to see his promised statistical 9 inches!)

amateur straight guy Craig posing in his jockstrap

amateur straight guy Craig taking off his jockstrap

rear view amateur straight guy Craig showing off a little more than he thinks as he takes off his jockstrap

naked straight guy Craig being coy and covering up his dick


There’s something a little bit unsettling about today’s next photo (which is from Coccozella contributor ‘Kirbon’)!

Apart from the obviously displayed penis and the ill-defined but still-apparent jeans bulge, there seems to be something ‘not quite right’ about the naked female clingingly inserting herself in between these two allegedly straight guys!

naked girl sandwiched between two amateur straight guys at the beach


P.S. Pic

self pic of guy in his bulging undies



All of this week’s daily My Male Medical Fetish photos have now been posted.


Legs, Lad and Learner !

Wednesday 29 April 2009 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photo selection includes a sportsman adjusting, an Aussie amateur guy naked at the beach and a straight guy learning his lesson the hard way from a sex tutor!


We start today with another magic moment in sport captured by an eagle-eyed photographer!

So – what’s happening here?  Is he in the midst of his warm-up, is he doing a combo scratch-&-fart routine or is he just undertaking an extreme adjustment?

sportsman caught on field making a major adjustment


Today’s featured amateur straight guy is Leigh from Boy Models Australia.

Leigh is an Aussie guy seen here enjoying the Aussie summer sun (even though it’s now autumn) and having no hesitation in getting his gear off for a photoshoot which he hopes will help to launch his career as a model!

portrait shot of Aussie amateur straight guy Leigh

amateur straight guy Leigh naked at an Aussie beach

Aussie amateur straight guy Leigh lying naked in the shallow water at the beach

naked straight guy Leigh sitting in the sun at the beach


I know I’ve gone a bit overboard with today’s straight porn pics but I just liked the cute way they illustrated the start of the story being enacted.

The straight guy star of this photoshoot and video is ‘Zane’ who has consulted  a ‘sexpert’ to get some (theoretical) tips on (and I quote) ‘how to fuck a supermodel real good‘!

Much to Zane’s initial horror, theory turns to practice as his tutor finds herself unable to resist his boyish charm and Zane ends up receiving a ‘full blown, hardcore lesson on Slut Fucking 101‘!

straight guy Zane on his way to see his sex tutor for advice

straight guy Zane answering a test question asked by his sex tutor

straight guy Zane rejecting the advances made by his teacher

straight guy Zane is eventually unable to resist his teacher's advances as his jeans start to bulge

straight guy Zane is barely able to contain the boner which is tenting his undies

straight guy Zane finally reveals his big boner to his teacher


SexPro Adventures


P.S. Pic

rear view of naked footballers


Uninhibited, Undies and Up !

Tuesday 28 April 2009 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a nude sports team line-up, a hot amateur guy bulging his undies and a straight guy’s rigid rod!


Our first photo today shows an almost overwhelming variety of amateur straight guy genitalia!

Click on the pic as normal for the larger size (photo!) or for an even closer inspection, click here for the extra large size version!

amateur straight guys lined up naked for a team photo


Today’s featured amateur straight guy is the very hot Alejandro who has kept all the nude and naughty pics from his photoshoot securely locked away in the members area of Circle Jerk Boys  (but I think that Alejandro bulging his undies is better than no Alejandro at all)!!

amateur straight guy Alejandro shirtless in jeans

amateur straight guy Alejandro in his undies spreading his legs

side view of amateur straight guy Alejandro's underwear bulge

amateur straight guy Alejandro showing the boner bulge in his undies


My thanks go to Next Door Hookups for our next photo of naked straight guy Zack Cook whose female co-star ‘India’ looks like she’s just on the verge of being impaled in this shot!

(More free pix from this set here !)

naked straight guy Zack showing his boner


P.S. Pic

amateur guy jerking off to porn


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