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Scrotum, Sexy and Stroked !

Sunday 31 May 2009 @ 4:09 pm

Our featured photos today include an amateur guy prank, a sexy stripped straight guy and an aroused client’s  happy ending!


Today’s first amateur straight guy’s drunken state has been taken advantage of by his straight mates who have skilfully posed him for this pic!

Whoever volunteered to do the scrotal arrangement seems to have had excellent ball handling skills (which I’m sure he enjoyed putting to good use – purely for the sake of art – of course!)

amateur straight guy unwittingly displaying his balls


Speaking of things artistic – Drake Rock has released a new erotic music video entitled ‘Showertime’ which stars today’s featured naked straight guy – James Baldwin.

You can check out James’ preview page for more info !

amateur straight guy James posing in his brief underwear

amateur straight guy James taking off his jeans

amateur straight guy James showing off his tattoo and his buttocks

amateur straight guy James revealing his boner in the shower


Our straight porn pics today illustrate a scene with a very obvious plot (and with an equally obvious happy ending)!

naked straight guy self-consciously touching himself at the start of his massage

topless masseuse uncovers her straight guy client' boner and gives it a tug

close-up of straight guy at the massage parlour getting his boner tugged

You can see more of this cute straight guy’s therapeutic handjob in

these additional free photos!


P.S. Pic

nude male photo


Straight, Sun and Speedos !

Saturday 30 May 2009 @ 4:03 pm

Our photos today include a selection of straight guys and speedos plus some speedos and straight guys !


Today’s first set of four fotos  features amateur straight guy DJ – an open-minded 19 year old newcomer (and new cummer) to Next Door Male relaxing in the sun!

amateur straight guy DJ getting ready to soak up some rays

amateur straight guy DJ starting to get hot and horny

amateur straight guy DJ stripped off and holding his dick

naked straight guy DJ doing some self-fondling in the sun

More Free Pics of DJ here !


Our next set is a selection of sexy and summery straight guy speedo shots submitted by busy blogger and beaut bloke (Aussie for ‘good guy’) Dave who (correctly!) felt that they would be ‘on topic’ here as much as they were for his own blog Aussie Speedo Guy (where they were originally published)!





P.S. Pic   (yes – another one from Dave!)



Flash, Flesh and Fellatio !

Friday 29 May 2009 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s photos include a naked guy at the river, a meaty guy in and out of his undies and a straight guy whose boner is about to be devoured by his lady!


In my haste to share with you the good looking subject of today’s first photo,  I neglected to check his credentials  –  so let’s assume that he is indeed a straight guy and can thus rightfully take pride of place in today’s post!

naked straight guy showing his big dick by the river


Must be my lucky day today – our next set of pics feature an amateur straight guy by the name of Justin whom I also find  particularly appealing.

Amongst the epithets used by The Guy Site to describe Justin are ‘tough guy’, ‘beefy body’ and ‘bouncer type’ which I guess makes him a tough beefy bodied bouncer!

(I actually think he’s rather cute – especially in his blue underduds!)

amateur straight guy Justin in the shower

rear view head and torso shot of amateur straight guy Justin

amateur straight guy Justin looking cute in his blue undies

amateur straight guy Justin showing a bit of dick as he pulls down his undies


Today’s straight porn pic is from SexPro Adventures and is from a scene in which straight guy Kurt is ‘in consultation’ with his private tutor who is aiming to teach him how to have ‘wild, rough sex’.

This tuition has been sought after Kurt’s wife started complaining that he is insufficiently aggressive in bed!

(I’m not quite sure how this part of Kurt’s tuition relates to becoming more aggressive though!)

straight guy Kurt about to be gobbled by his female tutor


P.S. Pic

bending down at the beach


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