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Bulges, Bums and Boners!

Tuesday 30 June 2009 @ 4:01 pm

Our photo selection today includes a beach shorts bulge,  a good looking amateur guy in and out of his undies and a straight guy’s boner getting some attention from the ladies!


Today’s first photo is an interesting shot of a semi-awake amateur straight guy at the beach with a bulge in his shorts which just might be due to his dick starting to stir!

amateur straight guy lying on the sand with a bulge in his shorts


Our handsome featured amateur straight guy today is Axel (brought to us courtesy of  Broke Straight Boys) whom we get to see both upright and reclining (as well as flaccid and erect)!!

amateur straight guy Axel looking good in his tighty whities

naked straight guy Axel swinging his dick

amateur straight guy Axel resting naked on the couch

naked straight guy Axel showing his boner


Straight porn pic time now with a story about Johnny whose girlfriend soon wants to involve him in a threesome for which Johnny feels himself inadequately skilled.

By sheer coincidence (!), Johnny notices a sign advertising the services of a couple of charming ‘Sex Pros’ and shortly thereafter finds himself in the capable hands (not to mention mouths and assorted female anatomical bits) of the two sexperts.

(The promo material accompanying these pics actually says that the 2 girls ‘fuck the shit out of him’ but I’ve avoided the specific pics which illustrate that  activity in favour of the following two slightly less graphic photos!)

straight guy Johnny getting his boner admired by two women

straight guy Johnny looking like his boner is soon going to be getting some oral attention


SexPro Adventures


P.S. Pic

amateur guy naked hairy bum


Naval, Nudists and Nicely Naked !

Monday 29 June 2009 @ 4:02 pm

Our photos today include a vintage sailor in his undies, a couple of naked guys outdoors admiring the scenery and a hot Turkish amateur guy stripping and stripped!


Today’s addition to our retro bulge collection is an historically accurate record of Naval underfashions from a bygone era  (and it’s interesting to note that underbulges never actually go out of fashion)!!

vintage pic of navy underwear wearer


Coccozella contributor ‘Tirzah’ is reponsible for our next photo  which was taken at an organized outdoor photographic excursion.

Although the right hand side of the image is the more genitally interesting half of the photo, I also admire the way that Tirzah has captured the female on the left  holding the uncut uncapped  bottle of sunscreen almost at the same angle as her 2 friends’ dicks (and with a dollop of the creamy white stuff in her left hand) – how unintentionally but artistically symbolic!!

naked straight guys and girls at an outdoor photographic excursion


Our hot and exotic amateur straight guy of the day is  Slavica whose photos are courtesy of Sweet Adonis.

Slavica comes from Turkey and is  5’8″ tall, weighs 143 lbs and his hobbies include women, going out, and working out in the gym.

head and torso shot of amateur straight guy Slavica from Turkey

Turkish amateur straight guy Slavica showing his bum

naked straight guy Slavica kneeling and showing his boner

close up of naked straight guy Slavica's boner and balls


P.S. Pic

naked guy self pic


Speedos, Surf and Servitude !

Sunday 28 June 2009 @ 4:11 pm

Our selection of photos today includes a pair of matching speedo bulges, an Aussie guy in the bedroom then at the beach and a couple of straight guys serving their female captors!


The few remaining photos in my ‘amateurs’ folder all seem to be speedo pics so we’ll be starting off today with this photo of two very nice poolside red speedo bulges!

two amateur straight guy water polo players displaying very nice bulges in their speedos


Today’s next set of 4 photos are of Aussie amateur straight guy Michael showing himself off privately indoors and publicly outdoors (and internationally on the internetses) courtesy of All Australian Boys !

Aussie amateur straight guy Michael gazing into the camera lens

naked straight guy Michael bending over showing his bum

Aussie amateur straight guy Michael fully nude at the beach

body shot of Aussie naked straight guy Michael and his stiffening dick


Our final two (non p.s.) pics today are from Adventures in CFNM and are from a CFNM story (not surprisingly!) whose synopsis is:

“Female reporter goes undercover in a Lord’s mansion. Spanking, caning, supervised male bathing, ejaculation in front of women, women with strapons, naked male servants.”

That nicely sums things up – so here’s the pics:

naked straight guy being tormented by two clothed women

naked straight guy is caught with a boner by a clothed woman

Check out these additional free photos for more of this sexy story!


P.S. Pic

amateur guy showing off his hairy bum



All of May’s photos have now been archived in gallery format and are available from our Photo Archives Page

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