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Shaded, Showered and Shamed !

Friday 31 July 2009 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos include a naked guy at the beach, a nude guy in the shower and a nasty guy choking on a dildo!


Our first photo today shows a naked straight guy relaxing   at a ‘clothing optional’ beach while checking out the charming chicks baring their breasts for as long as he can before he has to either cover up or turn over (which looks like it may be very soon)!

naked straight guy at the beach


Next today we have a tattooed naked straight guy ex-marine from Britain by the name of Tyler who really loves being watched when he’s nude  and thus had no hesitation in posing provocatively for UK Naked Men – as we can see in this set of photos!

tattooed amateur straight guy Tyler in the shower

rear view of naked straight guy Tyler in the shower

naked straight guy Tyler stroking his dick

amateur straight guy Tyler nude and showing  off his boner


Today’s straight porn pics illustrate the tale of a naked straight guy being orally punished with a dildo after he’s just  been caught cheating with ‘another woman’ !

naked straight guy getting punished by his girlfriend for cheating

naked straight guy gets force-fed a dildo as punishment for cheating on his girlfriend

More free pics of this guy’s punishment here !


P.S. Pic

naked guy on his bed


Locker, Laughter and Lust !

Thursday 30 July 2009 @ 4:26 pm

Today’s photos include assorted guys in the locker room and a couple of amateur guys posing together for cash!


Our first amateur straight guy photo today was taken in a locker room where the subjects having been carefully posed to prevent any discreet or indiscreet genital glimpses!

three naked straight guys posing modestly in the locker room


No modesty for this pair of naked straight guys in the locker room!

two naked straight guys clowining around in the locker room shower


Our amateur straight guys of the day are Ryan and Danny from Broke Straight Boys doing what so many other cute and cash-strapped straight guys seem to be doing these days – stripping and stroking together for some extra $$$$$’s!

amateur straight guys Ryan and Danny looking good in their undies

amateur straight guys Ryan and Danny standing together fully nude

naked straight guys Ryan and Danny jerking off together

naked straight guys Danny and Ryan getting up close and personal


P.S. Pic

peculiarly posed red headed guy


Scales, Sunscreen and Skin !

Wednesday 29 July 2009 @ 4:08 pm

Our photo selection today includes a bulgingly briefed boxer weighing-in, a naked guy outdoors  and a straight guy indoors stripping and stroking !


Nice boxer briefs to start off with today!

boxer in underwear at weigh-in


I found our next photo on the Historical Pictorial Google Group and although it’s ‘non-sexual'(although not ‘off-topic’),  I liked it so much that I  felt the need to share it with you!

guys on board a bus


Back to the business of bareness now and a naked (and redheaded) guy slapping on the sunscreen at an outdoor photographic excursion as captured by Coccozella contributor ‘Tirzah’!

naked redheaded guy outdoors putting on sunscreen


Next today, we have a set of 4 pics of Euro amateur straight guy Armando courtesy of Sweet Adonis.

Armando is from Berlin and is 19 years old. He lists his hobbies as ‘sports’ and ‘girls’ !

amateur straight guy Armando from Berlin in his underwear

rear view of amateur straight guy Armando pulling down his undies and showing off his bumnaked straight guy Armando from Berlin stroking his dick

naked straight guy Armando from Germany showing off his boner


P.S. Pic

hairy naked guy outdoors


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