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French, First-time and Foam !

Monday 31 August 2009 @ 4:55 pm

Our photos today include a gendarme’s gentlemanly bulge, a straight guy at a trying try-out for a porn role and a naked guy sloshing his way to a bath-house climax!


Today’s first photo features a very nice little bulge on the  gendarme on the right!

nice French uniform bulge


19 year old Sylvain is an amateur straight guy (again from France) who is apparently prepared to endure all manner of indignity in order to swap his job as a barman for a career in porn as a bar man of a totally different kind !

amateur straight guy Sylvain arriving for his porn audition

amateur straight guy Sylvain having his undies pulled down at this first porn audition

wandering ninja hands touch naked straight guy Sylvain's bum during his audition for a role in pornnaked straight guy Sylvain in stirrups and getting pulled off at his first porn audition

Sylvain’s photos courtesy of First Auditions


Our return visit to the oriental bath house today sees a soapy naked straight guy client being slidden and ridden and rubbed to orgasm!

naked straight guy's masseuse gives him a slide job at the bath house

naked straight guy at bath house gets a stiff soaping from his masseuse

naked straight guy on the verge of ejaculating during his bath house happy ending


Soapy Massage


P.S. Pic

rear view of nude male


Sporting, Stripping and Scratching !

Sunday 30 August 2009 @ 4:05 pm

Today’s featured photos include sports undies from the rear, a couple of seriously stripped straight guys and a naked  bitch itch at the beach!


Our first photo today shows an on-field emergency shorts replacement by a player trying to be as modest as it’s possible to be when you have several thousand spectators checking you out!

sportsman changing shorts and showing undies on the field


Today we’re getting two amateur straight guys of the day for the price of one!

This is 21 year old Tom (with the cap) and 19 year old Gino playing ‘strip twister’ as directed by the Buk Buddies photographer.

This is an excellent premise for a photoshoot and video featuring two such healthy, happy and horny straight guys (and I wonder at what stage of the homo-erotic contortionisating there will be any erectile action happening)!

amateur straight guy Tom with his pants down on the twister mat

amateur straight guy Tom showing his dick

naked straight guy Gino getting ready to play twister with his friend Tom

amateur straight guys Tom and Gino with their pants down showing their dicks


I was so so so tempted to desecrate today’s nude beach photo from Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ by cutting out the 50% of the pic on the left hand side but due to possible legal repercussions I decided to leave it alone – unlike the naked straight guy who was cleverly caught by NP’s camera not inconspicuously relieving a scrotal itch !

naked straight guy at the beach scratching his balls


P.S. P.Pic

(Headless cyclist)

cyclist peeing outdoors


Weigh-In and Well-Endowed !

Saturday 29 August 2009 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos include a couple of guys in their undies and a lean straight guy with a mean piece of man-meat!


First cab off the rank today is a built, boxerless but briefed boxer brought to us by….the letter ‘B’!

boxer in underwear at weigh-in


“B” is also for ‘big’ – as is the dick  of today’s next amateur straight guy – Peter.

This lean, 6’2″, 22 year old guy and his impressive appendage are brought to us by ‘Extra Big Dicks‘ !

amateur straight guy Peter with his big dick hanging out of his undies

naked straight guy Peter showing off his big boner

amateur straight guy Peter fully nude and stroking his big dick

naked straight guy Peter jerking off


P.S. Pic

amateur guy nude self pic


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