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Handsome, Hairless and Hunky !

Wednesday 30 September 2009 @ 4:10 pm

Today’s featured photos include a vintage guy wearing a posing strap, a genitally shaven naked guy outdoors with his girlfriend and a very hot Aussie guy’s nude debut !


We’ll open proceedings and start our juices flowing today with a vintage shot of a physique model who (together with his posing strap) is a most worthy addition  to our retro bulge series!

vintage physique model in posing strap


Here’s a nice pic of a freshly depilated naked straight guy and his inappropriately shod girlfriend!

(Looks like this charming photo came straight from the pages of a nudist magazine!)

naked straight guy and his girlfriend in the great outdoors


Our “ripped and shredded” (not my words!) amateur straight guy of the day – as seen in the following four pics – is Aussie amateur straight guy Lex Armstrong who is the star of the newly released video ‘Shadow Play’ from Drake Rock.

Aussie amateur straight guy Lex Armstrong fully nude

naked straight guy Lex in his debut video

amateur straight guy Lex Armstrong posing nude

naked straight guy Lex showing his dick

You can see more of the lovely Lex in his free preview page !


P.S. Pic

rear view of nude male


Doodle, Dashing and Dreadlocks !

Tuesday 29 September 2009 @ 4:13 pm

Today’s  photos include a look inside a locker room, a straight guy stripping & stroking and a naked couple at the beach !


We start today with a return visit to the making of the Beverley Rugby Team’s naked calendar with a sneak peek of two team members’  bottoms and another member’s member (..and the same pun I used last time)!!

naked straight guys in the locker room


Today’s main man is 24 year old amateur straight guy Kyle from The Guy Site.

amateur straight guy Kyle stripping off

naked straight guy Kyle showing his dick

rear view of naked straight guy Kyle

naked straight guy Kyle spreading his legs and holding his dick


Before you jump to conclusions about the next candid nude beach photo of a naked straight guy (whose dreadlocks are apparently confined only to his head hair) and his equally naked but significantly less tanned ladyfriend:

Yes, the pic is from Coccozella but today’s contributor is ‘Antoine D’ and not who you probably thought was the photographer!

naked straight guy at the beach with his lady


P.S. Pic

nude male photo


Puppy, Pussy and Playful !

Monday 28 September 2009 @ 4:03 pm

Our featured photos today include a naked guy on his farm and a straight guy being threatened by his girlfriend’s dildo!


Today’s star performer is indeed a star performer!

This is amateur straight guy Gus, a local Hawaiian farmer who enjoys being nude in the great outdoors and was eager to show off his naked lifestyle to the world at large by posing at ‘home’ for Island Studs !

Amongst other visual delights, we get to see Gus’s pretty pussy, his playful puppies and his pleasing penis !

amateur straight guy Gus

amateur straight guy Gus fully nude outdoors on his farm

naked straight guy Gus with his truck

rear view of naked straight guy Gus with his dogs

naked straight guy Gus


Our straight porn pics today shows yet another henpecked husband being bullied by his wife and being threatened with her dildo unless he pulls himself into line (so to speak)!

straight guy forced to strip by his dildo wielding girlfriend

naked straight guy ready to be punished by his girlfriend

These additional free photos will show you exactly what dildoistic punishment this naked straight guy actually received!


P.S. Pic

mirror self-pic


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