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Showing, Shower and Shore !

Saturday 31 October 2009 @ 4:15 pm

Today’s photo selection includes several exposed guys in their respective bedrooms, a naked guy’s shower scene and a couple of dressed and undressed couples of assorted genders!


We start today with a new private bedroom pic (or perhaps in this case it should be referred to as a  private‘s bedroom pic)!!

amateur straight guy in uniform exposing his boner


Our next set of photos features hot 34 year old amateur straight guy (and shower show-off) Max and his 6+ inch (limp) uncut dick !

Our photos of Max are courtesy of The Guy Site .

amateur straight guy Max naked on all fours on his bed

amateur straight guy Max naked in the shower

view of naked straight guy Max's bottom in the shower

naked straight guy Max showing everything as he dries off after his shower


Today’s next naked straight guy has been sneakily snapped walking along the beach with his (perhaps thankfully) more modest ladyfriend by Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ who we can assume would have been a little more pleased with this pic if the sun had angled itself somewhat more kindly so as to avoid the distracting shadow being cast on this guy’s bits and pieces!

naked straight guy strolling along the beach with his bikini-clad lady


P.S. Pic  (x 2)

two slightly sagging and shirtless amateur guys

post ejaculatory shot of amateur guy in a motel room


Undies, Undressed and Unleashed !

Friday 30 October 2009 @ 4:01 pm

Today’s photos include a group of guys in their best undies, an island guy fully nude & posing for our pleasure and a straight guy getting some TLC from his lady !


Our first amateur straight guy photo today shows a group of young men engaged in some strange activity which seems to be getting the smiley guy 2nd from the right just a little bit excited!

group of amateur straight guys lined up in their underwear


Today’s naked straight guy of the day is Derrick – a 19 year old surfer who’s building his own house on ‘the Island’.

Although Derrick is normally quite shy, some gentle persuasion from the photographer (plus a little encouragement from Derrick’s girlfriend) resulted in another great outdoor nude photoshoot for Island Studs !

amateur straight guy Derrick fully nude outdoors

rear view of naked straight guy Derrick

naked straight guy Derrick flexing his biceps

naked straight guy Derrick showing off his boner


Straight porn pic time and another straight guy gets another handjob from yet another girlfriend!

The 2nd pic admittedly makes it look like our naked straight guy star is about to get more of a mouth job than a hand job (and indeed later in the photoshoot, the girlfriend’s tongue gets very busy in a variety of anatomical locations!) but in fact it is ‘the hand’ that is eventually responsible for inducing  this guy’s explosive ejaculation!

straight guy getting felt up by his girlfriend

girlfriend's mouth gets dangerously close to her naked straight guy boyfriend's stiff dick

You can see more hand, tongue and sticky dick action in these additional free photos !


P.S.  P. Pic

amateur guy having an outdoor pee


Scary, Stiff and Stuff !

Thursday 29 October 2009 @ 4:04 pm

Today’s photos include a frighteningly bulging wrestler and a Navy Seal getting himself all stiff and sticky !


Time for a wrestler, I think and today’s championship Greco-Roman wrestler has cultivated a look which by itself could be enough to scare off his competitors  (nice bulge though)!!

bulging greco-roman wrestler


Today’s main attraction is US Navy Seal Tex – an amateur straight guy whom we’re showing in various positions and stages of arousal!

And now….the customary heroic quote:

Moaning loudly, a thick creamy shot flies out of his mushroom and lands on Tex’s furry six-pack. After the initial load, white creams slowly dribbles out of his bulb coating his hand with warm, viscous jizz.

Thanks to All American Heroes for these pix of Tex (and for that graphic description)!

amateur straight guy Tex takes off his undies

amateur straight guy Tex fully nude on the bed ready to watch porn

amateur straight guy Tex on the bed showing his bum

naked straight guy Tex with a boner

naked straight guy Tex stroking his stiffy

post-orgasmic pic of naked straight guy Tex

There’s even more free samples  of Tex (and his stuff) in this preview page !


P.S. Pic

guy with boner getting undressed


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