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Speedo, Surfer and Sucking !

Monday 30 November 2009 @ 4:01 pm

Today’s photos include some sexy speedos, a naked Aussie surfer and a straight guy on the receiving end of his lady’s dildo!


The goggles being worn by the speedo clad subject of our first photo today would certainly make it difficult for any bypassing candid photographer to know when it was safe to shoot (so to speak)!

hot amateur straight guy in grey speedos


Our main man today is Aussie amateur straight guy Terry whom I imagine would feel more at home in the surf and wearing board shorts than appearing here naked amongst some burnt looking vegetation  (although he doesn’t exactly look distraught at posing nude for these pics)!

portrait shot of aussie amateur straight guy Terry

Aussie amateur straight guy Terry fully nude

rear view of naked straight guy Terry

aussie naked straight guy Terry

Terry’s dick pics are courtesy of Australian Males !


It’s straight porn time now and some more dangerous doings with dildos as a naked straight guy is forced by his lady to fellate her strap-on appliance (and we can all guess where the freshly salivated-on dildo will next find itself inserted)!

straight guy is tormented by his girlfriend and her dildo

naked straight guy is forced to suck on a dildo by his girlfriend

You can see the dildo’s next ‘port of call’  in these additional free photos !


P.S. P.Pic

amateur guy caught having a pee outdoors



For those of you who have been enjoying the (non-nude) str8 guy Flickr links on the Gay Massage Videos Blog,  here’s a new set of DILF links for you !


Togetherness, Touched and Try-Out !

Sunday 29 November 2009 @ 4:02 pm

Our featured photos today include some high-spirited sportsmen stripping and a straight guy undergoing a tough porn audition!


I suspect that I may have posted 1 or 2 of the following 3 amateur straight guy sports team photos individually over the years but this is the first time that I’ve found and posted the 3 of them as a set:

amateur straight guy sportsmen at the start of their bonding ritual

group of amateur straight guy sportsmen stripped to their undies

naked straight guys enjoying a sports bonding ritual


Today’s next set of pics shows the ordeal which 26 year old British amateur straight guy Matthew had to go through to prove to First Auditions that he was made of the right stuff for a career in porn!

amateur straight guy Matthew is put into a very undignified position duirng his audition for a role in porn

close up of naked straight guy Matthew's buttocks and balls during his porn audition

close up of amateur straight guy having his cock revealed during his porn audition

naked straight guy Matthew shoots right on cue during his porn audition

There’s more of Matthew’s audition in these additional free photos!


P.S. Pic

naked musician and his boner


Bulge, Bizarre and Beach Bareness !

Saturday 28 November 2009 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s photos include a locker room grey undies shot, an amateur guy going green and a built black guy with his lady naked at the beach !


The subject of today’s first photo has been captured at an especially bulgeful moment as he changes in the locker room (and seems not one little bit displeased about being snapped in his undies)!

undies bulge caught in the locker room


Our next set of pics features amateur straight guy Stan who appears to strongly support the Green Movement!

The very environmentally friendly Stan is 20 years old, weighs 190 lbs and heighs(?) 6’2″.  He prefers being bottomless to topless and his favourite colour is red.

amateur straight guy Stan showing his green shirt and his genitals

amateur straight guy Stan in shirt and tie but no pants and holding his dick

naked straight guy Stan shrouded in translucent green

amateur straight guy Stan still in green and pulling his dick

Photos courtesy of Buk Buddies


Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ obviously couldn’t decide which shot of the following naked straight guy and his lady was the better, so he published both of them.

(It’s often nice to see things at different angles, as noted in another recent post!)

hot nude couple at a hot nude beach

dick swinging naked straight guy and his lady at a nude beach


P.S. Pic

(a Buk Buddies Bare Bum – with hairyness)

rear view of amateur straight guy and his moderately hairy buttocks


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