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Injured, Insulted and Inked !

Thursday 31 December 2009 @ 4:15 pm

Today’s photos include an injured athlete’s undies, a naked guy about to experience a penetrating massage treatment and an uninhibited tattooed guy in the shower !


Our first photo today is another product of a photographer’s luck at being in the right place at the right time – and in this case we see some on-track first aid treatment being administered to a cutely bulging pair of undies (well it’s actually  being administered to their wearer)!!

competitor  in undies receiving first aid at the track


On the subject of treatment, today’s next photo shows a naked straight guy ‘patient’ who has booked himself in for a genuine therapeutic massage and that’s exactly what he’s going to get (if you count his therapist’s use of a strap-on dildo for a ‘deep anal massage’ as genuine therapy)!

naked straight guy waiting for some attention from his massage therapist

More Free Pics of this Aggressive Treatment !


This photo appeared in SGP about a week ago and I have since discovered that it is from a photoshoot of hot amateur straight guy Dan, of whom we have some more sample photos today.

All the pics of Dan are courtesy of The Guy Site !

amateur straight guy Dan at the start of his nude photoshoot

amateur straight guy Dan naked in the shower

naked straight guy Dan doing tricks with his balls

naked straight guy Dan showing off his dick in the shower


P.S. Pic

yakuza medley


Shorts, Showing and Shamed !

Wednesday 30 December 2009 @ 4:09 pm

Our photo selection today includes a very impressive sports bulge, a neat low-hanging nude guy and a straight guy being picked on by a group of nasty girls!


Today’s first photo is….hot !

sports guy bulging


Next today is 30 year old amateur straight guy Jared who has  moved from Florida to ‘The Islands’ where he now has a physical therapy practice (and I know quite a few people of assorted genders who’d like to be practised on by Jared)!!

Jared and his low hanging orbs are courtesy of Island Studs !

amateur straight guy Jared posing fully nude indoors

amateur straight guy Jared seated outdoors fully nude

naked straight guy Jared showing off his bum

naked straight guy Jared showing all


Our CFNM pic for today tells the story (‘Art School Girls Take Charge’) of  football jock Shaun who needs an extra credit in art to get his scholarship and thus  ‘unwillingly’  volunteers be be a model for the girls’ end of term project.

As with other scenarios (scenaria?) from Adventures in CFNM I think that ‘the girls’ will be dishing out some humiliation of the sexual kind to poor Shaun during his modelling sessions!!

naked straight guy Shaun agrees to pose naked for the girls' art class project


P.S. Pic

naked male lying on the couch showing off his bum


Spreading, Sandy, Stiff and Stroking !

Tuesday 29 December 2009 @ 4:11 pm

Today’s photos include a self-stroker at home, a hairy nudist beach body and a cute nude lifeguard indoors & ready to splatter the walls!


Our first pic is the latest addition to our private bedroom  series and this naked straight guy has learned how best to mold himself to his furniture to maximise the view of his now not-so-private bits as he entertains himself (and the rest of the world) with his webcam !

naked straight guy in his bedroom in front of his webcam


Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ has, as always, been busy secretly snapping naked bodies for our pleasure!  Today we have a furry naked straight guy with his fur-less naked lady!

furry naked straight guy with his lady at a nude beach


Today’s main attraction is 20 year old amateur straight guy Clint  – whose only job has been as a lifeguard and who hopes to join the Marines in the near future (that’s ‘join’ in the ‘enlist’ sense of the word)!

Clint’s photos are courtesy of All American Heroes and, as is my custom (!), I’d like to quote from their website with the following description of Clint’s cum shot scene:

Clint shoots huge pearly ropes at least eight inches straight up into the air with a cry of relief. Panting in submission his hand releases the death grip on his dick and proof of a job well done is streaming down his chest and pooling on his flat, smooth stomach.

(It’s kinda heart-warming, isn’t it!)

amateur straight guy Clint tenting his shorts while watching porn

amateur straight guy Clint reclining on the bed fully nude

rear view of amateur straight guy Clint fully nude

naked straight guy Clint on the bed holding his boner

naked straight guy Clint showing off his big dick and big balls

naked straight guy Clint showing off his boner just before he cums

Clint’s preview page has more additional free pics of his performance!


P.S. P. Pic

amateur guy caught peeing outdoors


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