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Displaying, Disrobing and Doodles !

Sunday 31 January 2010 @ 4:01 pm

Today’s photos include assorted topless, bottomless and fully nude straight guys for your pleasure!


Here’s a happy little amateur straight guy to start the day – and after a few drinks he’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ wet his pants!

drunk amateur straight guy with his pants down


More amateur straight guy antics now and these guys, for reasons known only to themselves, appear to be having a private fashion parade of some kind.  (Cute group of guys, though!)

four amateur straight guys standing together  in their undies

amateur straight guys getting dressed together


Todays’ next straight guy is the exotic looking Waniga who has been captured cavorting with the Aussie Flag (maybe his contribution to our recent Australia Day celebrations?) in this set of four pics from (appropriately enough) Australian Males !

shirtless amateur straight guy Waniga at the start of his photoshoot

amateur straight guy Waniga outdoors fully nude

rear view of naked straight guy Waniga lying on the ground

naked straight guy Waniga about to wrap himself in a flag


P.S. Pic

oiled up naked amateur guy



More Flickr (non-explicit but still sexy!) straight guy DILF links have magically appeared on the Gay Massage Videos Blog and, as always, you are very cordially invited to check them out! (…..and to my fellow blogger E.R. – I think this is your  best set of DILF pics yet!)


Strip, Swim, Sprint and Suffer !

Saturday 30 January 2010 @ 4:07 pm

Our photo selection today includes a spied scrotum, a retro speedo bulge-o, some frozen undies and an auditionee being given an intensively invasive audition!


Amateur straight guy number one today is giving us a very enticing peek at what he’s unsuccessfully covering up with his unworn shorts!

amateur straight guy giving us a peek at his cock and balls


Our retro bulge photo today shows a swimming competition where the speedos on display were larger, looser and (I imagine) more floppingly bulgeful than they are today (unless you’re still wearing a pair from that era, of course)!!

bulging speedos from a bygone era at a swimming competition


Last year, I posted a couple of photos of the Chicago Polar Bear Run.  Our next photo is of the 2010 run and the competitors look just as cold (and at the same time hot!) as last year.

Thanks to Coccozella contributor ‘Tarzan’ for again (un)covering this event for us!

chilly amateur guys in undies and naked in the polar bear run


Next in today’s photographic free-for-all,  we turn our attention to First Auditions,  where we find amateur straight guy Rokas, a 21 year old builder from Lithuania who wants to transfer his tool handling skills to the world of porn and is prepared to undergo a very peculiar audition (featuring those inquisitive groping hands again) to prove that he has what it takes!

amateur straight guy Rokas gets stripped at the start of his porn audition

groping hands about to pull down Rokas's undies during his first audition for a role in porn

naked straight guy Rokas is strapped to achair and fondled by many hands during his porn audition

Naked straight guy Rokas gets his dick pulled while strapped to a chair during his porn audition

You can check out more of Rokas & his audition  in his own free preview page !


P.S. P.Pic

colourful outdoor pisser

This happy and very colourful outdoor urinator is one of the many pissing guys on (our very own) Guys Pissing Blog (catchy name for a blog featuring guys pissing, don’t you think?)


Bonding, Bonerific and Belittled !

Friday 29 January 2010 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s photos include some bottomless blokes behaving badly, a hairyish hunk & his pointing penis and a naughty man getting some penis punishment!


Our cheerful start today is provided by a celebrating amateur straight guy in the sports bar whose shirt isn’t quite long enough to preserve his modesty during some pants-down bonding!

amateur straight guy with his pants down and his dick out in a bar


Today’s magnificent man of the moment is 20 year old cashless amateur straight guy student Darius.

Although Darius won’t allow himself to be touched by another guy, he certainly enjoys getting off by teasing any guys who want to watch him strip and stroke (especially if they’re wanking while they’re watching)(and even more especially if he’s getting paid to do it)!!!

Darius and his rigid rod are courtesy of Broke and Horny.

amateur straight guy Darius with his boner poking out the top of his pants

amateur straight guy Darius with his boner sticking out of the leg of his underpants

amateur straight guy Darius fully nude and showing his boner

rear view of naked straight guy Darius with his legs spread

naked straight guy Darius stroking his stiffy


Our foray into the CFNM straight porn department today shows what can happen to a peeping tom when he gets caught perving on a  gaggle group of viscious, vindictive and vengeful clothed females !

peeping tom gets his pants pulled down by his female victims

peeping tom gets stripped naked by his clothed female victims

You can see more of this guy’s  dick punishment in these additonal free photos!


Our P.S. Pics today have been provided by a reader pseudonymously known as ‘afds’ who submitted some of his iphone candid shots last month and who has again been out and about (on public transport) with his trusty piece of equipment in his hand, i-snapping (sneakily) one of his sportingly dressed fellow travellers in the following frustratingly teasing up-shorts shots!!

iphone ispy shot 1

iphone ispy pic 2


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