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Bedrooms and Boners !

Sunday 28 February 2010 @ 4:10 pm

Today’s photos include naked guys with boners in their bedrooms and a straight guy whose turgid tool is getting some hands-on attention from its owner’s girlfriend!


Our private bedroom pic today features a naked straight guy who seems to be checking that his dick is on its best behaviour for this photo  (and..yes it is)!!

naked straight guy with a bedroom boner


Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is 22 year old Leo (whose big boner  we saw about 6 months ago when Leo was posing for Broke and Horny).

This time, Leo is wielding that wonderful weapon (and cumming on cue) for the cameras of (appropriately enough!) XXL Cock !

amateur straight guy Leo relaxing fully nude on the bed

amateur straight guy Leo fully nude and showing off his big boner

nude straight guy Leo holding his boner

naked straight guy Leo with his hot throbbing dick in his hand

amateur straight guy Leo spills his seed - all over his tummy


Our straight porn pics today are pretty self-explanatory!

girfriend releases and strokes her boyfriend's boner

girlfriend gives handjob to her naked straight guy boyfriend

If you weren’t able to explain what was happening, these additional free pics may help you to work it all out!


P.S. P.Pic

(from yesterday’s Guys Pissing Blog post on which a reader was overheard making the comment:  nice meat !)

guy pissing into a glass


Handful, Handsome and Headjob !

Saturday 27 February 2010 @ 4:13 pm

Our featured photos today include an undies self-grab in the locker room, a cute straight guy with a stiff dick and a naked guy getting gobbled  by his girlfriend at the beach!


For our first course in today’s fotografic feast we have an amateur straight guy in undies giving himself a reassuring little squeeze as he fills his hands with a self handful!

amateur straight guy in undies giving himself a reassuring squeeze


Meanwhile, in the great outdoors, cute amateur straight guy Trent is stripping and stiffening for our pleasure – courtesy of Next Door Male.

amateur straight guy Trent going bottomless outdoors

amateur straight guy Trent lying down fully nude showing his rounded buttocks

naked straight guy Trent standing stiffly

naked straight guy Trent showing off his boner

These additional free fotos will further familiarise you with Trent’s naked body bits!


It’s been quite a while since we saw Rafian‘s photographic skills on display here (even though I have permission to publish some of his pics I still had to save my pennies to subscribe to the site to get the pics to publish)!!

For those unfamiliar with the work of Rafian, he specialises in hidden camera (therefore candid!) beach sex photography, as the following pic illustrates!

naked straight guy at the beach being slurped on by his wife


Our final four amateur straight guy pics today are of (and were submitted by) a Mexican reader by the name of Dhamer whose shiny shaft and glistening glans are a fitting finale to today’s proceedings!!

amateur straight guy Dhamer squeezing his sausage through his jeans

amateur straight guy Dhamer gets it out for the camera

amateur straight guy Dhamer showing his stiffy

amateur straight guy Dhamer and his shiny shaft


Posing, Peeked and Punished !

Friday 26 February 2010 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photos include a bulging poser posing, a spied-on guy in the locker room and a bad boy caught in the kitchen!


We’re starting the day off with a new retro bulge pic for our collection and this time the subject of the photo is showing us that he “has attitude” (as well as a bulge in his shorts)!

black and white photo of a bulge in an amateur straight guy's shorts


Our next four pics today were captured from hidden camera footage of a cute 18 year old amateur straight guy getting undressed in a football changing room and are courtesy of Sneaky Peek.

amateur straight guy in his underwear in the locker room

amateur straight guy in the changing room fully nude after removing his undies

hidden cam pic of naked straight guy in the football changing room

hidden cam cock shot of naked straight guy in the locker room

These additional free pics of the changing room are also well worth checking out!!


Today’s CFNM story features naked straight guy Adrian who has been stripped and is now being sexually humiliated after having been caught by Britney and April smoking in  the hostel kitchen!

naked straight guy Adrian being picked on by clothed female in the hostel kitchen

naked straight guy Adrian being forced to submit to the will of his two clothed female captors

More Free Photos of Adrian’s Ordeal


P.S. Pic

red haired nude guy



E.R. has been busy again amassing more straight guy DILF links from Flickr with my favourite link this time being No. 5 !!


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