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Bulging, Beaching and Bonding !

Wednesday 31 March 2010 @ 4:01 pm

Today’s photo selection includes assorted amateurs  in undies, a nude beach couple and trio of turgid straight guys!


Our first pic today is of some kind of improvised outdoor sports dressing room ‘inside’ of which we find an amateur straight guy sportsman sporting a very nice bulge in his undies!

sports guys getting changed outdoors


Next today, we have a touchingly romantic Slovakian beach pic of a naked straight guy and his lady!

naked straight guy and his lady at a nude beach


The art of amateur straight guy arranging (as opposed to flower arranging) is nicely illustrated in today’s next set of pics which features  Next Door Buddies Spencer, Noah and Gavin!

three amateur straight guys in their undies

three amateur straight guys posing naked together

three horny naked straight guys posing for the camera

naked straight guys Spencer, Noah and Gavin hornily and artistically arranged for a photo

These additional free photos will give you some more suggestions as to how to artistically arrange your own horny straight guys!


P.S. Pic

nude guitar player


Spandex, Stimulation and Stripped !

Tuesday 30 March 2010 @ 4:05 pm

Today’s photos include an athlete’s pole, an amateur guy demonstrating his self-handling skills and a bunch of very embarrassed straight guy students !


Today’s first (sports) photo has been doing the rounds recently but I decided to sit on it for a couple of weeks (if you’ll pardon the expression) for those who may have missed it elsewhere.

athlete with a long pole and a big bulge


Our performing male of the day is amateur straight guy Aaron Mason – a 22 year old jock from Ohio in the USA who is giving us a demonstration of the self-stimulatory techniques he employs when he’s girl-less!

amateur straight guy Aaron with a big boner bulge in his jockstrap

amateur straight guy Aaron fully nude and holding on to his boner

naked straight guy Aaron on the floor showing off his stiff dick and tight balls

naked straight guy Aaron stroking to the point of orgasm

naked straight guy Aaron engaging in some serious self stimulation

Aaron comes to us (and later on cums on his basketball) thanks to
Circle Jerk Boys


Next today, I’m returning (with a couple of bigger and better photos) to a CFNM scenario we briefly looked at the beginning of the month in which the headmistress and her charges do an inspection of some naughty basketball jocks who, it is suspected, have been masturbating !

naked straight guy being chastised by the headmistress

naked straight guy students being subjected to an intimate inspection by a teacher

These pics are courtesy of Adventures in CFNM


P.S. Pic

hairy buttocks on display


Berets, Beach and Beefy !

Monday 29 March 2010 @ 4:12 pm

Today we have an assortment of both pubeless and pubeful straight guys to entertain us!


We’re starting our day with a group of very impressive military guys, most of whom are quite untamed and bushy in the pubic hair department (which will actually serve as a nice contrast to the next 2 guys we’ll be checking out today)!

military guys wearing only their berets and boots


The first of the two pubicly sparse gentlemen I referred to above is the following beach-goer as candidly captured by  Coccozella contributor (who else but…)
‘Nude Photographer’!

naked straight guy at a nude beach


Next today, we get to meet amateur straight guy Chris Taylor who, endearingly, has his lower left abdomen decorated with a tattoo of his wife’s name !

amateur straight guy Chris ready to pull down his undies

amateur straight guy Chris has dropped his undies so we can see his dangly bits

naked straight guy Chris spreading his legs and relaxing

naked straight guy Chris standing up and sticking out

Chris is brought to us presumably with permission of his wife and by courtesy of
The Guy Site !


P.S. Pic

nude male kneeling on his bed


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