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Bulging, Blowing and Background !

Friday 30 April 2010 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos include a pair of pairs of speedos, a masturbating marine and a scenic souvenir snapshot !


Team mates wearing their team speedos get us off (to a good start) today – with a possible case of bulge envy (or maybe it’s just admiration)!

two amateur straight guys wearing bulging speedos


Next we look in on Marine Recruit Barrett fulfilling his long time secret desire to jerk off in front of the cameras!

As usual, we’ll rely on the skilled writers at All American Heroes to provide their own poetic description of the climax of amateur straight guy Barrett’s jerk-off scene:

Moaning loudly right before he is about to cum, Barrett sprays out multiple streams of pearly, white semen all over his stomach and side. After still slowly jerking off, he reaches down to pick up the cum on his beautiful six-pack and swallows it whole.

amateur straight  guy Barrett's stick dick poking out of the leg of his shorts

naked straight guy Barrett showing us his marine length dick

amateur straight guy Barrett on the bed fully nude and holding his boner

naked straight guy Barrett taking matters into his own hands

naked straight guy Barrett stroking his dick

You can check out more of Barrett in his very own preview page !


Lastly today, we have some spectacular scenery being complemented by some spectacular nudity as being worn by the charming naked straight guy and his equally naked lady posing in the foreground!

naked straight guy and his lady posing for a scenic photo



E.R. from the GMV Blog has lovingly assembled yet another collection of Flickr str8 guy DILF links which are available right now for your viewing pleasure!


Revealing, Releasing and Revenge !

Thursday 29 April 2010 @ 4:09 pm

Our photo selection today includes a sportsman’s undies revealed, an amateur guy’s rub’n’tug tug and a husband’s wife’s surprise!


Today we’re starting with an excellent sports action photo which is both visually exciting and also gives us an insight into the underlife of a soccer player!

soccer player accidentally gets his undies revealed


The amateur straight guy who is featured in our next set of pics is Vinnie, a former special forces military man who was 31 years old at the time he responded to an ad for MMF video performers and ended up as the recipient of this M2M erotic massage!

You’ll note that today we’re zooming in on the tug part of this rub’n’tug session which I found when searching the extensive archives of
Club Amateur USA

massage room tug 1

massage room tug 2

massage room tug 3

massage room tug 4

massage room tug 5


Today’s CFNM pics tell the story of Jack, a straight guy who decides to visit a ‘massage parlour’ where he selects the dungeon theme room for his paid encounter with three eager dominatrices of whom one turns out to be his wife.

I’m not sure whether it’s the husband or the wife who should have been most outraged  but, whichever one it is, the husband is the one who ends up receiving the punishment!!

straight guy getting stripped and humiliated by three dominatrices

naked straight guy is forced to perform by his clothed female tormentors

You can explore more of this straight guy’s humiliating punishment in these additional  free photos!


Proud, Poor and Public !

Wednesday 28 April 2010 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a bedroom boner, a pair of penniless pullers and an assortment of naked guys at the beach!


I’ve chosen a private bedroom pic to start our day and this one features an amateur straight guy who looks very serious about showing off his stiff dick!

amateur straight guy showing his boner in his bedroom


Two amateur straight guys next from Broke Straight Boys !

This is Mario:

amateur straight guy Mario giving himself a nice little squeeze through his undies

and this is Angel:

amateur straight guy Angel fully nude and playing with his dick

and this is Angel playing with Mario’s dick:

Angel and Mario getting together

Naked straight guys Mario and Angel in action

If you check out these additional free photos, you’ll discover that the lure of $$$$ leads to some love-stick sucking although there were apparently insufficient $$$$ on offer for the likeable and lickable lads to be induced to experiment further than that!


Meanwhile, our friend and Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ continues his candid exploration of the assortment of colours, shapes and sizes on display at his favourite nude beaches!

naked straight guys at the beach

nude guys at the beach


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