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Beat, Balls, Broke and Beads !

Monday 31 May 2010 @ 4:02 pm

Today’s photos include some naked jerking, a military up-shorts view, a couple of cashless and curious straight guys and a publicly naked guy and his wife!


Our first amateur straight guy today is posed and poised and aiming to impress (and succeeding in so-doing)!

naked straight guy jerking off for the camera


Next today, some modern military memorabilia in the form of this very, very hot photo!

military guy giving us a nice view up his shorts


…and now, from the ‘what a novel concept’ department comes a set of pics featuring two amateur straight guys who (wait for it!) are in need of some cash and who therefore agree to do some paid stripping and stroking for the camera!

The two lads in question are Brazilian guy Vinnie (LHS) and European guy Mateaus (RHS) and their employer on this occasion is
Broke Straight Boys

amateur straight guys Vinnie and Mateaus at the start of their photoshoot

amateur straight guy Mateaus pulls down his pants to reveal his dick

amateur straight guys Vinnie and Mateus jerking off together on the couch

naked straight guys Mateaus and Vinnie jerking off very vigorously together

naked straight guy Vinnie can't control the urge to cum

You can discover the extent of these two guys’ eventual intimacy in these free pics !


Our final foto for foday today is from Coccozella contributor ‘The Happy Nudist’ and was taken at this year’s “Bare to Breakers” event where we see a naked straight guy and his missus pausing to pose for some pics for the non-competing touristy-type spectators!

naked straight guy and his wife posing for photos at Bare to Breakers 2010


Happy, Handsome and Handled!

Sunday 30 May 2010 @ 4:10 pm

Our featured photos today include a row of rowers, a super sexy straight guy and a hot’n’horny handjob!


Today’s first foto features a team of medal winning Aussie rowers all lined up for their victory photo (and I’m sure the guy 2nd from the right is actually admiring his neighbour’s  medal – not his bulge)!!

row of victorious bulging rowers


The subject of our next set of pics features one of my favouritest next door guys – David Stone (without the female partner with whom we saw him previously).

Today’s visual feast is courtesy of Next Door Male

amateur straight guy David bulging his undies

amateur straight guy David lowers his pants to reveal his dick

amateur straight guy David fully naked and erect

modest side view of naked straight guy David

naked straight guy David showing his boner

…and, yes – there are additional free fotos of David available here !


Lastly today, we have two pics of a well built and very horny straight guy getting his dick worshipped by his girlfriend!

straight guy pulls down his jeans and offers his erect dick to his girlfriend

girlfriend lovingly handles her boyfriends swollen manhood

You can see more of this passionate handjob in these free pics !


Bathroom, Beach and Bulges !

Saturday 29 May 2010 @ 4:10 pm

Today’s photos include a couple of guys in their respective bathrooms and a couple of guys showing their respective (and respectable) bulges!


First off today is an amateur straight guy and his speedo bulge (well – sunga bulge)  being proudly shown off to the camera by his lady!

amateur straight guy bulging his speedos at the beach


Indoors now, and a naked guy in the bathroom being very uncandidly captured drying his superbly handcrafted body after a shower!

naked guy towelling off in his bathroom after a shower


Here’s a great undies pic which has been submitted by reader ‘JJ’.  (The amateur straight guy subject of the pic is actually a friend of a friend of a friend of JJ’s.)

Check out the size of those hands – and the size of the bulge in the hot red undies!

Thanks JJ for a very  masturbatable memorable contribution!!

sexy amateur straight guy in red undies


We’re going back to another amateur straight guy’s bathroom now where we find 18 year old Lewis – our sneakily snucked friend from a few weeks ago whom we last saw trying the old upside down wanking position.

Today, Pervy Cameraman’s ‘hidden’ bathroom-cam has caught Lewis attending to his assorted hygiene needs (and one unhygienic need which I’m not showing in this set of pics)!

Lewis and his post pee play pics are courtesy of
Sneaky Peek

amateur straight guy Lewis contemplating whether to pee in the toilet bowl or wee in the bath

naked straight guy Lewis just after he pees in the bath

amateur straight guy Lewis getting ready to stand up and have a shower

naked straight guy Lewis having a shower

naked straight guy Lewis caught getting out of the shower


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