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Exposure, Excitement and Exhibitionism !

Wednesday 30 June 2010 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a dick on display, a show-off’s stiffy, a capped guy’s cock and a hirsute naked bicyclist!


The amateur straight guy subject of today’s first photo is definitely and decidedly desirable and has lots to offer any prospective partner or indeed anyone lucky enough to see  his dick this pic !

(Another one of my hottest ever favouritest fotos!)

hot amateur straight guy with his dick out


Our next pic today is a ‘real life’ CFNM scene in which the  naked straight guy subject is erectfully enjoying the attention being afforded to him by his two clothed female beach-mates!

naked straight guy with a beach boner


Speaking of guys who like showing their stuff, this is amateur straight guy Nick – a horny 26 year old whose self-confessed heterosexual orientation has proved no barrier to his sexual enjoyment of showing off to viewers of any gender!

amateur straight guy Nick bulging nicely in his undies

amateur straight guy Nick's hand finds its way inside his undies

amateur straight guy Nick's boner finds it way out of his undies

naked straight guy Nick with his erect dick proudly on display

naked straight guy Nick about to start stroking his stiffy

Nick and his dick are performing for you right now at the
Amateur Straight Guys Website !


Since the internets are still abuzz with news of (and views from) the various World Naked Bike Ride events, let’s finish our own assortment of fleshfulness today with a hairy photo from the London event as photographed and supplied by our friend Neil in the UK !

hairy world naked bike rider in London


Double Trouble, Daring Tryout and Dastardly Torment!

Tuesday 29 June 2010 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photo selection includes super scenic speedos, an eager amateur auditionee and a straight guy being stripped and soaked!


To get us warmed up today, here’s a double dose of speedo stuffing, the scenic splendour of which is almost matched by the photo’s picturesque background!

cruisy pic of two guys in their bulging speedos


Down to business now with a new amateur straight guy porn role auditionee by the name of Bailey.

Despite being straight, the anticipated excitement of appearing in a porn flick has widened Bailey’s already broadminded attitude to trying (M2M) sexual activities which would otherwise remain taboo for him.

As a result, the ‘indignities’ to which we see Bailey subjected during his very thorough audition are actually providing him (not to mention us!) with a special sexual thrill!

amateur straight guy porn auditionee Bailey

naked straigh tugy Bailey getting measured at the start of his first ever audition for a porn role

amatuer straight guy Bailey showing his dick to the camera during his audition

amateur straight guy Bailey showing his ass to the camera as part of his audition for a porn role

naked straight guy Bailey works on his stroking technique during his audition

amateur straight guy Bailey passes the ejaculation test at his porn audition

Bailey’s thrills and spills are courtesy of
First Auditions


The two remaining pics for today are of the CFNM variety and  partly illustrate the story of Taras the pool cleaner who is being humiliatorily punished for daring to ask bikini-clad Stasy and Missy to remove themselves from the swimming pool so that he can get to work!

Taras gets his undies soaked

Straight guy Taras is pulled out of the pool naked by his two clothed female captors

Check out these additional free pics to see Taras ‘pegged and stroking’ !


Hiding, Holding, Horny and Hard !

Monday 28 June 2010 @ 4:06 pm

Today’s photos include a shy exhibitionist, a cute friend of a friend, a straight guy learning some new tricks and a naked guy getting hard at the beach!


Our first pic today shows an amateur straight guy who looks very eager to be photographed with his boner exposed in public but thoughtfully doesn’t wish to alarm any passers-by (or the police)!

amateur straight guy with his hard dick out in public


Next we have yet another one of “Submiterator Sergio’s Straight Friends” – and this one is hotly cute!

amateur straight guy

amateur straight guy fondling his cock

Thanks again for sharing,  Sergio !


Today’s star attraction is amateur straight guy Micah Matthews (on the left) who (along with so many others!) has applied to appear in a straight porn flick but on the day of filming discovers that the female performer has failed to show up – leaving  Micah and the other male co-star, Kyle, without a girl to play with
(yes – the classic Bait Buddies scenario)!

Kyle (on the right) is ‘the bait’ who not only can’t take his eyes off Micah (and his dick!) but is also left to convince Micah to try a little ‘gay-4-pay’ action.

Amateur straight guy Micah in his undies with 'the bait', Kyle

rear view of amateur straight guy Micah fully nude standing with Kyle

solo shot of naked straight guy Micah

Kyle checking out naked straight guy Micah's dick

naked straight guy Micah with a stiffy being watched closely by Kyle

You can see how successful Kyle was at coaching Micah, in
these additional free photos !


Our friend (and Coccozella contributor) ‘Nude Photographer’ has excelled himself with our next candid capture (and last pic for today) of a naked straight guy getting visibly excited as he walks along the beach with his lady at Sandy Hook!

naked straight guy getting horny at the beach with his lady


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