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Fit, Flaunt, Foursome and Fondled !

Saturday 31 July 2010 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s photos include covered and uncovered erections, a quirky quartet and a defiant defendant’s dick!


Our first foto today is of a naked straight guy showing his  pits and his bits fearless nature and his solid stiffy !

amateur straight guy showing his rigid rod


Next today,  we have a sandy see-through stiffy, sneakily and successfully snapped by a fellow beach-goer!

amateur straight guy sleeping on the beach gets a stiffy in his see-thru shorts

(from the YMNA2 Yahoo Group)


On now to a fantastic foursome of impoverished but adventurous amateur straight guys as they cautiously get to know each other a little better.

This ‘earn as you learn’ opportunity has been provided by
Broke Straight Boys !

fearless foursome of amateur straight guys - pic 1

fearless foursome of amateur straight guys - pic 2

fearless foursome of amateur straight guys - pic 3

fearless foursome of amateur straight guys - pic 4

fearless foursome of amateur straight guys - pic 5

Here’s a few more pics of the group members just starting to lose their inhibitions!


Today’s CFNM scenario has a judicial feel to it – and indeed the judge soon does get to have a feel of the straight guy who is being punitively humiliated in front of the bench!

straight guy gets his pants taken down in a courtroom CFNM scene

naked straight guy gets horny in front of his clothed female tormentors

There’s more of the courtroom capers in these additional free pics !


Shapely, Shower and Showing !

Friday 30 July 2010 @ 4:07 pm

Our photo selection today includes sexy speedos, footballers sharing a shower, a naked beach guy and a bare bicyclist !


We’re off to a rampantly red start today with an amateur straight guy pausing to pose in his speedos.
(I think he’d better stay paused cos right at the moment he doesn’t really look well enough to take his intended  plunge!)

amateur straight guy wearing racy red speedos


Next today, we have a group of naked straight guy footballers flapping and flopping their way to cleanliness in the showers after their match.

These fit guys were caught by a spycam installed by ‘Pervy Cameraman’ for
Sneaky Peek

naked straight guy footballers having their post-match shower together - pic 1

naked straight guy footballers having their post-match shower together - pic 2

naked straight guy footballers having their post-match shower together - pic 3

naked straight guy footballers having their post-match shower together - pic 4

naked straight guy footballers having their post-match shower together - pic 5


Today’s next pic is from our friend and Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ and is another from his series of nude beach pics taken at Sandy Hook.

In this case, ‘NP’ took good advantage of the fact that both this bypassing naked straight guy and his lady were looking well away from where he was lurking with that lustful lens of his!

naked straight guy and his lady at the beach


Lastly today, another photo from another SGP friend and contributor – UK photographer Neil with another of his great pics taken recently at the London WNBR !

nude guy at the WNBR London


Horizontal, Hairy, Hung and Hard !

Thursday 29 July 2010 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photos include a bedroom boner, a guy on the grass, a smiling tattooed lad and a horny girlfriend’s boyfriend!


Our first frisky foto today is an amateur guy already all ready to be inserted into our private bedroom collection!

naked straight guy proudly holding his boner for inspection in his bedroom


Here’s one for the hirsutophiles (?) amongst us:

naked hairy amateur guy lying on the grass


Next today, we have 21 year old, 6’1″ tall and donkily hung  amateur bent guy Straightly amateur straight guy Bentley !

Bentley’s great smile, interesting tattoos and impressive dick are all on show in a number of video titles available on the
Amateur Straight Guys Website !

amateur straight guy Bently reclining fully clothed

amateur straight guy Bently posing fully nude and on all fours

amateur straight guy Bently showing off his tattoos and his genitals

naked straight guy Bently smilingly spreading his legs

naked straight guy Bently holds up his big stiff dick


Our finishing fotos for today are of a boyfriend getting hornier by the minute as his girlfriend gets him turned on in the gym in readiness for a quick handjob!

guy getting a boner in his undies as he gets undressed by his girlfriend in the gym

naked straight guy getting horny as he gets teased by his girlfriend

You can see more of this sexual workout in these free pics!


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