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Posing, Poked and Preoccupied !

Tuesday 31 August 2010 @ 4:01 pm

Our featured photos today include some summery speedos, a rude rub and a couple of cute cocks!


Today’s first foto is of a bulgingly cute speedo wearer by the name of Danny who is actually a reader of this blog and, in addition to enticingly filling his speedos, was kind enough to ‘show and share’ with us!   (Our first speedomiterator?)

cute amateur guy Danny bulging his speedos


Whilst rooting through the Club Amateur Archives I came across a rub’n’tug photoshoot/video featuring amateur straight guy Ian for whom, at the time (6 years ago when he was 24 yo), even just the thought of being massaged erotically by another guy was somewhat of a turn on.

As our pics show, Ian enjoyed his session very much – especially the anal attention he received (so much so in fact that he shot his load during his masseur’s special ‘stroking and poking’ manipulation)!

naked straight guy Ian getting a special rub'n'tug - pic 1

naked straight guy Ian getting a special rub'n'tug - pic 2

naked straight guy Ian getting a special rub'n'tug - pic 3

naked straight guy Ian getting a special rub'n'tug - pic 4

naked straight guy Ian getting a special rub'n'tug - pic 5

Today’s tactile titillation was provided by
Club Amateur USA !


Coccozella contributor ‘Indy Dad’ is responsible for today’s next naked straight guy photo.  This candid shot was taken at the most recent Nudes-a-Poppin’ event and I’d hazard a guess that this guy was actually a spectator rather than a competitor (even though that dick of his must surely put him in contention for some kind of prize)!

candid capture of naked straight guy and his dick


Lucky last today – more military masturbation!

hot military guy with his dick in his hand


Retro & Revisiting !

Monday 30 August 2010 @ 4:08 pm

Today’s photos include some shy and some definitely not-so-shy amateur & naked straight guys!


Next today, we again pay a return visit to some of my favourite Broke Straight Boys and this time it’s amateur straight guys Chad and Fabio !

amateur straight guys Chad and Fabio appearing nervous at the start of their photoshoot

amateur straight guys Fabio and Chad unsure about touching each others dicks

naked straight guys Chad and Fabio having their first feel of each other's cocks

naked straight guys Chad and Fabio get themselves ready by jerking to some porn

These guys don’t take long to get into the swing of things, as you’ll see in
these additional free photos!


We’re now going to check in once more (as mentioned a few days ago!) on amateur straight guy Jay Cloud.

This time we see Jay during the first ‘Next Door’ photoshoot in which he performed (the one where he was given a naked female in whose direction to point his erection)!

amateur straight guy Cloud getting hard during a kissing scene

naked straight guy Jay gets ready to mount his co-star

Click yourself here for some more free ‘Jay at play with his chick’ dick pics!


Today’s last (and, for the sake of novelty, never seen here before) hot looking guy has a rather ‘retro’ look which (amongst other things about him) greatly appeals to me!.

amateur straight guy in shorts with his dick exposed

(Yes – the truth is out – I’m quite partial to retrosexuals!)


Shirtless, Shaft and Sharing !

Sunday 29 August 2010 @ 4:10 pm

Today’s photos include straight stiffness, cock curiosity and mirror magic!


Photo positions number 1 and 2 today are occupied with a military guy’s before and after shots (with the after shot also being a before shooting shot)!

shirtless military guy showing off his dog tags

fully nude military guy showing off his hard-on


Today’s next set of pics features naked straight guy Micah (on the right in the first pic below) who is a classmate, poker buddy and party friend of Parker (on the left).

Parker’s ‘secret mission’ is to have sex with Micah and to help achieve that goal, Parker volunteers himself and Micah for a paid ‘jerk off to porn’ scene in the hope that the lure of even more cash may persuade Micah to take things a little further for the camera!

The story of the photoshoot & video is actually pretty hot and I’m going to quote from the Bait Buddies producers’ synopsis (in which we find Micah suddenly being called ‘Micha’ !)

After a brief chat with the boys, we got right down to business. We made it clear, for Michas benefit, that this was a jerkoff scene to be shown on a website for girls. The jacking went on for several minutes and that was hot enough, but it was time to turn up the heat.

We offered some more money if the guys would jack each other off – Micha didn’t hesitate too much and it was really hot to see this straight guy grab his buddy Parker’s dick and stroke it. What’s more interesting is that Micha was hard as a rock from Parker’s stroking and his eyes could barely stay off his friend’s cock as he played with it for the first time.

Step two was oral and started with Parker sucking Micha’s huge dick with both guys lovin’ it. Then the flip flop. Micha initally balked, but gave in for an extra $100 and he gave us our money’s worth by really getting into massaging Parker’s hard cock with his tongue and mouth.

At the end of the suck session, Micha said he was pretty turned on, so we quicky got them into some deep kissing – if you get past this part without blowing your own load we’ll be surprised. Next, we had to triple the $$$ in order to get Micah to fuck Parker. But did we really have to pay? Because as Micah started to fuck, he said to Parker maybe if you got me drunk enough we’d be doing this off camera. We’re glad it didn’t happen that way as it was truly a rough, hot, sexy, straight boy fuck, made obvious by the intensity of Parker’s moans and groans. Micah then blurts out You’ve been waiting for this for a long time? and continues to pound away even harder That’s why you brought me in here – Isn’t it? and the pounding gets harder until Parker can’t hold back and shoots a big load all over his stomach followed by Micha shooting a huge load on Parker’s face and closed mouth. Look carefully as Parker quickly slips his toungue out to take a taste of his hot buddy’s straight guy cum!

Finally catching his breath, Micha blurts out This totally changes poker night.

……and now for the photos!

Parker with his amateur straight guy classmate Micah

rear view of amateur straight guy Micah and his friend Parker

amateur straight guy Micah fully nude frontal view

naked straight guy Micah holding his boner

naked straight guy Micah gets his stiff dick stroked by his friend Parker

….and, of course,  what would this story be without some … additional free pics !


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