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Stiffening, Stripping, Stroking and Studs !

Tuesday 30 November 2010 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a rod on the rise, a tentative tasting, online onanism and a thrilling threesome !


We start today with a rhetorical question:

What do you thinkĀ  our first amateur straight guy’s body language is signifying –
‘hey everyone, here I am !’,
‘hey everyone, here it is !’
or ‘woops, sorry, I don’t know how that happened !’ ?

amateur straight guy starting to stiffen



It’s been quite a while since I last posted any pics from (as opposed to ‘of’) my friends at
Circle Jerk Boys

It seems that the assortment of featured amateur straight guys have been doing a lot more than just jerking together since then, hence the new slogan:
‘taking str8 guys to their limits … & beyond !’

Today we check out Santos Dumas and Logan Drake getting to know each other a little better, just before they start on their limitless journey!

Amateur straight guys Santos and Logan getting to know each other - Pic 1

Amateur straight guys Santos and Logan getting to know each other - Pic 2

Amateur straight guys Santos and Logan getting to know each other - Pic 3

Amateur straight guys Santos and Logan getting to know each other - Pic 4

Amateur straight guys Santos and Logan getting to know each other - Pic 5

To save you having to scroll up, here’s that link again to
Circle Jerk Boys !!!


Our next amateur straight guy is stroking his stiffy whilst checkin’ out the chicks online (although in this pic he’s actually checking out himself chokin’ the chicken)!

amateur straight guy wanking to porn


Today’s final two photos feature amateur straight guys Oliver Saint and Tyler Torro (both of whom we’ve seen here before) shylessly and shamelessly sharing a sheila for the sake of pornographic art and for our own titillatory pleasure !

This talented trio has been put together by
Next Door Hookups

amateur straight guys Oliver and Tyler with their shared playmate

naked straight guys Oliver and Tyler being held hard by their shared female co-star

For those with an interest in seeing more of the action, check out
these additional free pics !


Boarded, Bared and Bonered !

Monday 29 November 2010 @ 4:03 pm

Our photo selection today includes a skateboard stiffy substitute, an amateur in & out of the shower and a helping hand in the class room !


Today’s first amateur straight guy is verrrrry hot (and yes, like everyone else, I’d like to take a peek behind his skateboard) !

amateur straight guy covering his goodies with his skateboard


Our next set of pics features amateur straight guy John – a 6’5″ tall athlete who, we’re told, is into Mixed Martial Arts (hence the cute cut on his nude nose)!

amateur straight guy John going bottomless

cheeky rear view of amateur straight guy John

amateur straight guy John fully nude in the shower

naked straight guy John towelling off

naked straight guy John in a pleasing pose

Today’s assorted views of John are courtesy of
The Guy Site


Next, we delve into the world of straight porn and a girlfriend delving into her boyfriend’s pants and pulling out a big boner just begging to be stroked !

straight guy's dick is extricated from his pants by his horny girlfriend

straight guy's girlfriend getting a tongue job as she gives her boyfriend a handjob

There’s more of this guy and his handjob in these additional free pics !


Lastfully today, we have a mirror self-pic anonymously submitted by a reader whom I assume to be the pic’s sexy subject !

amateur guy mirror self-pic


Powerful, Pulling and Poolside !

Sunday 28 November 2010 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photos include a soaked smile, a manly marine, a bare bottom and a rising rod !


A triathlete in full flight after having just emerged from the water is a joy to behold (bulgewise) as we have proven on many occasions here at SGP!

Today’s first pic is no exception – with the added bonus of a great smile and the fact that our subject has been photographed with both feet in mid-air !

clingingly bulgeful airborne amateur straight guy triathlete


Today’s main man of the moment is amateur straight guy GeneĀ  – a 23 year old Marine for whom the thought of a solo performance in front of the camera almost had him cumming before he even had his pants off !!

amateur straight guy marine Gene

amateur straight guy Gene fully nude

amateur straight guy Gene showing off his boner

naked straight guy Gene standing with a handful of dick

naked straight guy Gene jerking for the camera

Genial Gene’s Genitals were provided for us by
SpunkWorthy !


Next today, we have a cutely caught rear view of an amateur straight guy surfer on holiday !

rude nude bare bottom pic


Our final pic today features a erectifyingly naked straight guy poolside still managing to look surprised at being photographed despite obviously posing for that precise purpose!

amateur straight guy sitting stiffly by the pool



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