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Revealing, Reclining and Rude !

Friday 31 December 2010 @ 4:10 pm

Today’s inadvertently similarly themed photos show a variety of bedroom styles,
smiles and stiffies !


I’m sure that today’s first amateur guy (or his amateur photographer or amateur fluffer) spent a great deal of time and effort getting ‘things’ positioned correctly for this accidental up-shorts boner pic (and just for the record, I think that all the effort was well worthwhile)!

amateur straight guy up-shorts stiffy shot


Our featured amateur straight guy today is ‘DJ’  (that’s his name – not his occupation!)

amateur straight guy DJ reclining on his bed

amateur straight guy DJ looking at the lens through the mirror

amateur straight guy DJ naked and holding his dick

naked straight guy DJ semi-erect as he gazes out of the window

my favourite pic of naked straight guy DJ and his boner

Our multi-angled pics of DJ are courtesy of
Active Duty


To finish the day (and the year!), we have another two amateur straight guy pics from submiterator ‘JM’ – this time we get a before and after(?) shot of the subject (as opposed to a before and after shooting shot)!

naked straight guy reclining on his bed

naked straight guy now with a fully erect dick


Stiff, Stroked and Sunny !

Thursday 30 December 2010 @ 4:13 pm

Our selected photos today include a couple of bedroom boners, an ejaculatory ending and a straight guy’s summer snapshot !


Our day starts off with two private bedroom pics – each of which features an amateur straight guy in a state of sexual tension (which I’m sure is soon to be relieved)!

erect naked straight guy on all fours on his bed

amateur straight guy spreading his legs and stroking his stiffy on his bed


Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is Jaxon who was 23 years old when he fronted up for this M2M erotic massage and who, as you can see, was beginning to biggen even before he mounted the table!

Amateur straight guy Jaxon's rub'n'tug session - Pic 1

Amateur straight guy Jaxon's rub'n'tug session - Pic 2

Amateur straight guy Jaxon's rub'n'tug session - Pic 3

Amateur straight guy Jaxon's rub'n'tug session - Pic 4

Amateur straight guy Jaxon's rub'n'tug session - Pic 5

Jaxon’s first ever orgasm at the hands of another guy was provided
(as were today’s pics) by
Club Amateur USA


Lastly today, we have another Sandy Hook straight guy as caught (with his lady!) by the discreetly probing lens of Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ !

naked straight guy at the beach with his lady


Clinging, Cute and Clean !

Wednesday 29 December 2010 @ 4:09 pm

Today’s photos include some soaked spandex, a penniless poser, a hard-on
in the hot tub and an awesome oarsman !


Our ‘welcome photo’ today takes advantage of the revealing clingingness of watery-wet spandex as worn by this triathletical amateur straight guy:

amateur straight guy triathlete bulging his wet spandex


Next today, we have another (un-named) favourite amateur guy from our
Broke Straight Boys – Revisited series !

amateur straight guy ready to drop his pants at the start of his photoshoot

amateur straight guy seated fully nude awaiting further instructions from his photographer

amateur straight guy stroking for the camera

rear view of naked straight guy bending over

naked straight guy being offered a sex toy to play with

You can catch the cum in these additional free photos !


Criss is the name of the naked straight guy ‘client’ at the Nuru Massage Studio today, seen here undergoing some intense ‘pre-nuru-ization’!

naked straight guy Criss getting hard in the hot tub with his masseuse

naked straight guy Criss enjoying some personal attention from his masseuse

Clean Criss cums courtesy of


Lastly today, we have an amateur guy showing off the latest look
in nautical safety wear !

amateur straight guy rowing wearing only his lifejacket


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