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Tight, Tide, Tatts and Tool !

Monday 31 January 2011 @ 4:14 pm

Our selection of photos today includes a selection of today’s photos !


Selected photo number one demonstrates what can happen to amateur straight guys when they check themselves out in the mirror wearing form fitting spandex sports gear !

horny amateur straight guy checking himself out in the bathroom mirror


Next today, let’s check out a pleasingly endowed naked straight guy and his well-sunned ladyfriend as they stroll along the water’s edge at Sandy Hook.

This interesting couple has been photographically captured by the familiar and friendly lens of Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’.

naked straight guy and his missus going for a sandy stroll


Our next set of pics today features another would-be porn performer being subjected to the (by now well known to us) set of activities making up his screen test.

This is amateur straight guy Rowan, an intimidatingly adorned and thuggishly packaged cage fighter showing off his sexual skills during his audition.

amateur straight guy Rowan's porn audition - Pic 1

amateur straight guy Rowan's porn audition - Pic 2

amateur straight guy Rowan's porn audition - Pic 3

amateur straight guy Rowan's porn audition - Pic 4

amateur straight guy Rowan's porn audition - Pic 5

Rowan’s strip, spread and shoot shots are courtesy of
First Auditions


We conclude today with a new private bedroom pic of a freshly laundered naked straight guy showing off his gentlemanly genitals !

naked straight guy on his bed showing off his dick


Trim, Treat and Tented !

Sunday 30 January 2011 @ 4:08 pm

Our selection of photos today includes trunks, briefs and boxers
and their assorted contents !


I normally refrain from using ‘fashion’ fotos but there was just something about this one that caught my eye !

hot guy with cute undies bulge


Our amateur straight guy of the day is Merritt whom we see here being helped along the road to orgasm by our friend Brendon !

amateur straight guy Merritt

amateur straight guy Merritt stripped to his undies

amateur straight guy Merritt grasping his swollen dick

naked straight guy Merritt gets a helping hand from Brendon

close up of naked straight guy Merritt's boner

Magic Merritt and his wand are courtesy of Brendon’s site:



Next Door newcomer Cliff is next on the list today.

Amateur straight guy Cliff is very obviously enjoying the attention he’s receiving from his female co-star who has been donated for his use by
Next Door Hookups

amateur straight guy Cliff tenting his boxers

naked straight guy Cliff preparing for penetration

I’m looking forward to seeing Cliff’s follow-up solo photoshoot but in the meantime here are some more free pics of him in straight-sex action !


Today’s ‘finishing foto’ is an amateur guy’s pants-down self-pic in which he shows us both a side view of his shapely rear and the beginnings of a boner !

amateur straight guy drops his pants for a mirror self-pic


Point, Prime and Prank !

Saturday 29 January 2011 @ 4:11 pm

Today’s photos include a beach boy, a built bloke, a clothesless cleaner
and a rude redhead !


We begin at the beach today with an amateur straight guy wearing an interesting swimming costume inside of which his dick is almost directionally synchronised with the analogue equivalent of the digital minutes on the photo’s time stamp !

amateur straight guy in a bulging wet swimming costume at the beach


Today’s amateur straight guy of the day has been described as
265 pounds of prime beef !

This is Michael, a former competitive body builder whom we see here showing off a few of his favourite poses !

amateur straight guy and former body builder Michael

amateur straight guy Michael drops his shorts for our viewing pleasure

amateur straight guy Michael reclining on the bed fully nude

naked straight guy Michael in the shower

naked straight guy Michael poses with his penis

Michael and his flexing phallus are courtesy of
The Guy Site


The wonderful world of CFNM welcomes us back now with a naughty and naked straight guy in trouble with the girls.

straight guy is stripped to his undies by two female tormentors

naked straight guy prepares for further humiliation from his clothed female captors

This horrifyingly humiliated young man’s potential penile predicament is from an episode poetically entitled “Bad Cleaning Service” from
Crazy CFNM


We haven’t had a redhead in the shower for quite a while (so to speak) so our next amateur straight guy¬† is ready to remedy that situation !

randy redhead having a shower


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