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Bulge, Bait, Beach and Big Boner!

Monday 28 February 2011 @ 4:16 pm

Today’s photos include a swimmer’s speedos, a big bare boner,
a long dong at the beach and a seated stiffy at home !


We welcome in a new day with an irresistible bulge in a pair of speedos being worn wetly by today’s first amateur straight guy !

amateur straight guy bulging his wet red speedos


Today’s main attraction is amateur straight guy Chad who has been talked into turning his disappointment at the absence of his promised female porn co-star into an opportunity to make even more $$$$ and still be able to show off his big dick to the world by allowing his conveniently located male co-star (Paolo) to indulge his appetite for the aforementioned dick !

Yes – another classic con from
Bait Buddies !

amateur straight guy Chad shirtless

amateur straight guy Chad shows off his long and hard dick

amateur straight guy Chad naked and erect

naked straight guy Chad proudly pointing his penis

naked straight guy Chad holding up his hard-on

Here are some additional free pics
of Chad’s dick about to be greedily devoured by Paulo !


On the subject of big dicks, here’s one attached to a nude beachgoer as captured by our prolific pal and Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ !

naked straight guy swinging his big dick at a nude beach


Our concluding cock today belongs to an amateur guy who’s showing it to us from the privacy of his own bedroom !

amateur straight guy naked and hard in his bedroom



Bonny, Boner, Betrayed and Bound !

Sunday 27 February 2011 @ 4:02 pm

Our super selection of sexy photos today includes kilted capers, a surfer stroking
and a preyed-upon pop-star !



We’re starting the day with a hot Scot highland games competitor who has chosen to stay true to tradition in terms of under-kilt-wear !

amateur straight guy's dick on display at the highland games


Today’s manly main feature is tall and tanned amateur straight guy surfing instructor Ethen who’s out to make a fast buck while trying something new.

Ethen quickly discovers that he’s enjoying his photoshoot almost too much and has to exercise some restraint to prevent himself from cumming on cam too soon !

amateur straight guy Ethen in his undies

amateur straight guy Ethen with the beginnings of a boner

naked rear view of amateur straight guy Ethan

naked straight guy Ethen having a wank on the bed

naked straight guy Ethen getting ready to cum

Ethan’s excitement was brought to us today by
Straight Fraternity


Next today, we pay another visit to the land of CFNM where we find that pop star Lloyd has been blackmailed by magazine editor Kate into stripping naked for some photos.

Unethical Kate (and her equally unethical female makeup artist and the equally female photographer) take advantage of poor Lloyd by poking, prodding and generally humiliating him during the photoshoot!

straight guy Lloyd tries to prevent Kate from stripping him naked

pop star Lloyd is forced to reveal all to and by editor Kate

Thanks to for the pics !!


Our final foto today captures the homo-erotic hilarity of male bonding amongst the sporting elite !

amateur straight guy sportsman getting some special attention from his team mates



Tugging, Trying-out and Tasty !

Saturday 26 February 2011 @ 4:05 pm

Today’s photos include an earnest jerker, an eager auditionee, a happy couple
and a sexy bum !


Our first foto features a  hairy amateur straight guy jerking off to someone special
on his laptop (so to speak)!

amateur straight guy fantasizing about his on-screen girlfriend


Next today, we have amateur straight guy Callum, a fitness trainer (and notoriously ‘ravenous sexual animal’) who is confidently auditioning for porn in order to secure even more sex than he already gets !

amateur straight guy Callum's porn audition - Pic 1

amateur straight guy Callum's porn audition - Pic 2

amateur straight guy Callum's porn audition - Pic 3

amateur straight guy Callum's porn audition - Pic 4

amateur straight guy Callum's porn audition - Pic 5

Callum’s strip, stroke, blow and go performance was brought to us today by
First Auditions


Here’s a nice newdist couple posing smilingly for the camera and showing off some very attractive body bits !

thick dicked naked straight guy and his ladyfriend posing by the pool


Our final pic today is a naked straight guy’s sexy rear-view bathroom mirror self-pic !

naked straight guy's sexy bum mirror self pic



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