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Trackies, Touched, Tugged and Toned !

Thursday 31 March 2011 @ 4:08 pm

Today’s photos include a bridge bulge, rapturous rubbing and a curious couple !


In first position today is (half of!) a souvenir snapshot featuring a cool amateur straight guy with a hot bulge !

guy on holidays bulging his pants


Today’s first time ever M2M rub’n’tug recipient is 24 year old naked straight guy Geoff whose assorted facial expressions form the focus of the next set of pics !

amateur straight guy Geoff receiving an intense rub'n'tug treatment - Pic 1

amateur straight guy Geoff receiving an intense rub'n'tug treatment - Pic 2

amateur straight guy Geoff receiving an intense rub'n'tug treatment - Pic 3

amateur straight guy Geoff receiving an intense rub'n'tug treatment - Pic 4

amateur straight guy Geoff receiving an intense rub'n'tug treatment - Pic 5

amateur straight guy Geoff receiving an intense rub'n'tug treatment - Pic 6

Geoff’s intense and exciting experience was discovered in the archives of
Club Amateur USA !


On the subject of facial expressions, our next amateur straight guy has been caught at a somewhat inopportune moment – although I’m sure he’s actually enjoying the interesting looking thigh job being provided by his good lady wife !

naked straight guy gets some loving from his wife


Next, we have an oldie but a goodie with which to conclusify today’s parade of pics !

naked straight guy frolicking in the surf



Speedo, Stroking and Swimmers Stripped !

Wednesday 30 March 2011 @ 4:02 pm

Our featured photos today include a blue bulge, broke boys’ boners
and stripped students !


Today’s first foto shows an amateur straight guy with a clearly defined
VPL in his speedos !

cute amateur straight guy with filled speedos


Our next set of pics features two more cashless and curious amateur straight guys learning as they’re earning !

These likely lads are the latest in our series from Broke Straight Boys (Revisited).

amateur straight guy nervously awaiting his cue to strip

second straight guy warming up for the photoshoot by watching porn

amateur straight guy starts stroking himself

amateur straight guys are now naked and hands are beginning to stray

amateur straight guy getting adventurous with his mate

See more of this pair’s shenanigans in these additional free pics !


The wonderful world of CFNM yields up more of its secrets today in our next two photos.

This scenario involves a group of English students who go to France for a swimming competition.   There, they find themselves overwhelmed by the sexually liberated French girls they meet !

naked straight guys receiving much attention from the ladies

straight guy swimmers stripped naked by the girls

These stripped swimmers are courtesy of


Lastly today, we have a mature master of masculinity showing off his
dangling daddy ding-dong !

mature guy naked



Punchy, Posing and Primed !

Tuesday 29 March 2011 @ 3:54 pm

Today’s photos include a boxer’s boxers, a sexy stud,
a lubed lad and a soapy stiffy !


Today’s first ferociously fit foto features fighters facing each other
at an official weigh-in !

fit fighters at their weigh-in


Time now for a new neighbour and this week we have amateur straight guy
Phillip Aubrey posing purposefully for our pleasure !

amateur straight guy Phillip pulling down his pants

amateur straight guy Phillip lets us see his muscly bum

amateur straight guy Phillip naked and erect

naked straight guy Phillip showing his stuff

studly naked straight guy Phillip with a hard-on

Phillip is one of the latest additions to
Next Door Male


Next today, we get to see a naked straight guy’s therapeutic massage session and his preparation for a special vibratory treat !

naked straight guy gets a massage

naked straight guy being lubed in prepartion for penetration

You can check out all the therapeutic post-lubricational penetration in
these additional free pics !


We’ll leave you now with an amateur guy who appears to have been soaping himself rather vigorously in the shower !

soapy naked straight guy in the shower





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