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Nice, Naked and Nurse !

Saturday 30 April 2011 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photos include some speedo sunning, a shapely shaft
and an imminent insertion !


Let’s start proceedings today at the beach with a very nicely speedoed
amateur straight guy !

amateur straight guy bulging his speedos at the beach


Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is 19 year old college wrestler Britten who,
we are told, likes his ladies ‘tanned and flexible’ !

amateur straight guy Britten giving his dick a little squeeze

amateur straight guy Britten fully nude and jerking off to porn

amateur straight guy Britten standing up naked and gripping his stiff dick

naked straight guy Britten stroking his boner

naked straight guy Britten baring his boner

Britten and his boner are courtesy of the
Amateur Straight Guys Website


Next today, we have a naughty nurse attending to a naked straight guy who is about to be penetrated by a thermometer !

naked straight guy waits apprehensively on the examination table

naked straight guy about to be penetrated by his nurse's thermometer

Here are some more free pics of this guys bum humiliating medical ordeal!


We finish today with a naked straight guy knee deep in water and looking lovingly at his cropped out lady !

amateur straight guy looking for his lady



Revealing, Rubbed and Removal !

Friday 29 April 2011 @ 4:11 pm

Our photo selection today includes bulging undies, a hunk and his hard-on
and a condom full of cum !


We start today with a sleeping amateur straight guy bulging his undies !

amateur straight guy on his bed bulging his undies


Our star attraction today is 20 year old amateur straight guy Nikolai receiving his first ever ‘sexperience’ with another guy.

Nikolai’s masseur, Casey, nicely summarizes the table-top action as
‘a rub, a suck, a lick and a tug’ !

amateur straight guy Nikolai's first ever rub'n'tug - Pic 1

amateur straight guy Nikolai's first ever rub'n'tug - Pic 2

amateur straight guy Nikolai's first ever rub'n'tug - Pic 3

amateur straight guy Nikolai's first ever rub'n'tug - Pic 4

amateur straight guy Nikolai's first ever rub'n'tug - Pic 5

I discovered Nikolai as I was rooting through the oily archives of
Club Amateur USA !


When we last saw today’s next amateur straight guy, he was just preparing himself for insertion.

Today we return to the scene of the sex (again courtesy of Rafian) to find our spied-upon friend at the stage of post-ejaculatory withdrawal (complete with filled condom) followed by his naked and slowly detumescing dick about to be hastily stuffed back inside his undies !

amateur straight guy withdraws his cummy condom

amateur straight guy rushes to put his spent cock away


Today’s finisher is an amateur guy straight guy with a very solid sausage !

amateur straight guy showing off his thick dick




Shorts, Sharing and Showing !

Thursday 28 April 2011 @ 4:08 pm

Today’s fotos include a flapping flopper, solo stroking and kitchen capers !


Our first photo today features footballer Thomas Muller caught in full flight !

soccer player Thomas Muller making a big impression in his shorts


( … although I ‘borrowed’ this pic from another blog, I believe that the photo was originally taken by photographer Jochen Luebke)


Today’s main man is amateur straight guy David in a preliminary solo strip’n’stroke photoshoot.

David is married with 2 children and both he and his wife are currently unemployed so the payment he’ll be receiving for this shoot will certainly be put to good use!

amateur straight guy David in his underwear at the start of his photoshoot


close up of amateur straight guy David's bum as he pulls down his briefs

amateur straight guy David naked and holding his hard-on

naked straight guy David pulling himelf to porn

naked straight guy David stroking his stiff dick

David and his dick have been brought to us today (with the permission of his wife!) by
Broke Straight Boys


There’s a slight chance that we may have dropped into the kitchen of today’s next interesting couple on a previous occasion but I think that the pictured naked straight guy’s erect dick justifies making a return visit !

naked straight guy and his wife in their kitchen


Next today, we have a naked straight guy relaxing in the great outdoors !

naked straight guy relaxing his cock and balls in the sun


Our last pic today is of an amateur straight guy showing his artistic side (and his big boner) as he centers himself in the interesting pattern of light falling upon him !

amateur straight guy showing off his boner



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