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Haste, Hard and Hunky !

Tuesday 31 May 2011 @ 4:05 pm

Our photo selection today includes a spandex sighting, an eager erection
and a swinger at the seaside !


I’ve found yet another greenly clad and bulging Czech athlete who I thought would make a good starting point for today’s photo fun !

more bulging spandex from the Czech Republic


Today’s primary performer is neighbourly amateur straight guy Alexi whose rock hard erection can be seen from a variety of angles in the following set of photos:

amateur straight guy Alexi tenting his undies

amateur straight guy Alexi and his erect dick

naked straight guy Alexi showing his buttocks

amateur straight guy Alexi with his protruding penis

naked straight guy Alexi showing off his boner

Agile Alexi and his powerful penis are courtesy of
Next Door Male


‘Nude Photographer’ has found an interesting assortment of bodies for today’s
candid beach photo.
Of special interest (as if I needed to point it out!!) is the naked straight guy in the foreground on the right (although the guy in the distant background also appears to be of some interest)!

naked straight guy and his topless lady at the beach

Thanks to Coccozella for permission to perve !


We’re finishing today with a mirror self-pic of a hunky tattooed guy with a very hot looking popped-up boner !

tattooed amateur straight guy's mirror self pic




Underwear, Undressed and Underwater !

Monday 30 May 2011 @ 4:09 pm

Today’s photos include assorted underwear bulges, a British boy’s balls
and a couple of solid stiffies !


Our sporty starting snapshot today focusses on an on-field, mid-game clothing adjustment in which a very shapely underwear bulge gets revealed !

sportsman revealing his undies


Continuing the underwear theme, today’s next amateur straight guy is 20 year old Moz from Birmingham in the U.K.

Moz lists one of his greatest pleasures as receiving oral sex from young ladies who let him cum on their face !

amateur straight guy Moz getting ready to remove his trackies

amateur straight guy Moz bulging his undies

amateur straight guy Moz giving us a glimpse

naked straight guy Moz showing his bum

amateur straight guy Moz fully nude

Messy Moz cums courtesy of
Brit Blokes


It’s Nuru time again and today we see new client Eric getting pre-nuru-ized by his masseuse Beti !

naked straight guy Eric in the shower with his masseuse

naked straight guy Eric getting a soapy suck job

Naked straight guy Eric’s soapy soak’n’suck prelude was provided by


Today’s finishing off foto features an amateur guy getting pretty close to some finishing off of his own as he pulls down his cutely stained track pants and pulls out and onĀ  his fully erect dick !

amateur straight guy jerking off in his room



Room, Rigid and Rising !

Sunday 29 May 2011 @ 4:09 pm

Our selected photos today include a welcoming willy, a beefy boner
and a rude refill !


Today’s first amateur straight guy is extending a warm welcome to his very own
private space (and to his now not-so-private privates) !

amateur straight guy giving a nude welcome


Our main attraction today is 20 year old Randall, a “big’n’beefy” amateur straight guy construction worker.

Randall is a bit of a show-off (well – a bit of an exhibitionist really!) and his excitement at performing in his first strip’n’stroke photoshoot led to a unexpectedly early blast of his own cum hitting him in the face.

(Randall effected a very rapid recovery and went on to deliver a more timely and equally forceful cum blasting finale !)

amateur straight guy Randall

amateur straight guy Randall sitting fully nude

naked straight guy Randall showing off his very stiff dick

naked straight guy Randall standing with his hand wrapped around his hard-on

naked straight guy Randall gives himself a facial

Randy Randall and his ejaculating erection are courtesy of
SpunkWorthy !


Next today, we see what happens to a naked straight guy’s dick when his naked girlfriend starts toying with his body hair !

naked straight guy gets a boner with a little help from his girlfriend


Our last pic today shows an unbashful amateur straight guy filling up a gatorade bottle with his own special blend of electrolytes (which I hope isn’t going to be used to quench the thirst of one of his buddies) !

amateur straight guy peeing into a bottle



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