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Briefs, Bold and Bare !

Wednesday 31 August 2011 @ 4:00 pm

Our featured photos today include a headless hottie, a stripped stroker
and a couple of bods at the beach !


Although I have no idea what’s going on in today’s first amateur straight guy photo, there’s just something there that keeps me going back to look at it again !

amateur straight guy stripping on the playing field


Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is an un-named but intriguingly sexy guy earning some extra cash in this strip’n’stroke photoshoot !

amateur straight guy stripping off at the start of his photoshoot

amateur straight guy stripped and getting ready for action

amateur straight guy naked and erect

naked straight guy jerking off to porn

naked straight guy covered in cum

Our anonymous amateur guy and his climactic splash are courtesy of
Straight Boys Jerk Off !


Popular Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ appears to have been caught out pointing his lens towards our next naked straight guy
and his more modestly attired ladyfriend.

This guy is quite hot in his own way but I think his thickish dick would look heaps better with a bit of bush !

naked straight guy and his bare dick at the beach


Our final foto today is of a less pubically challenged naked straight guy from Greece relaxing on a more sandfully challenged beach !

naked straight guy showing off his pubes at the beach



Poolside, Posing and Pointing !

Tuesday 30 August 2011 @ 4:09 pm

Today’s photos include a pair of pairs of speedos, gyrations in the gym
and a countryside couple !


It was nice of today’s first two bulgeful amateur straight guys to have chosen their sexy speedos to match the colour of the flag behind them !

two amateur straight guys looking sexy in their speedos


Today’s featured performer is amateur straight guy Cameron Foster (who’s probably not really very amateur at all these days!) in a (now apparently obligatory) Next Door gym photoshoot!

amateur straight guy Cameron unleashing his erection from the confines of his jockstrap

amateur straight guy Cameron naked and horny in the gym

rear view of naked amateur straight guy Cameron bending over in the gym

naked straight guy Cameron showing off his dick in the gym

naked straight guy Cameron showing off his boner

Cameron’s multiple-angle dick display is courtesy of
Next Door Male !


Here’s a hung and happy naked straight guy and his girlfriend who have stopped for a little nudie break in the countryside !

naked straight guy in the countryside with his girlfriend


Our final pic today is of an amateur straight guy and his proudly pointing penis !

amateur straight guy with a turgid tool



Happy, Hard and Harassed !

Monday 29 August 2011 @ 4:08 pm

Our featured photos today include a smiler’s stiffy, a Brit boy’s boner
and a couple of cop’s cocks !


Today’s first amateur straight guy photo is of a handsome guy who’s obviously very excited about the newest sporty addition to his wardrobe !

smiling amateur straight guy's stiff dick on show


Our next amateur straight guy today is Anthony whom we last saw several months ago jerking off with his friend Danny.

That photoshoot/video was in fact a couple of years old and we now see Anthony as he is today at 20 years of age.  In addition to the (more manly!) changes to his body, Anthony has become more confident – both in himself and in his ability to pick up
hot chicks !

amateur straight guy Anthony teasing with his track pants pulled down

nice bulge in amateur straight guy Anthony's undies

amateur straight guy Anthony naked and holding his dick

naked straight guy Anthony gets a boner

naked straight guy Anthony showing off his stiff dick

The pics of cheeky chick picker-upper Anthony are courtesy of
Brit Blokes !


Next today, we continue our look at what happened during the recent police inspection of the Schoolgirls’ Milking Service and we find that both of our brave police constables have been unable to prevent themselves getting hard in front of each other as the girls give them a demonstration of their newest sex toys !

naked straight guys getting hot and horny

naked straight guys get penetrated by the girls' sex toys

Thanks to for the dick pics !


Today’s last pic is of a naked amateur guy relaxing in the sun and looking very pleased to be having his ample genitalia photographed by either a mate or his girlfriend
(or maybe just a passer-by) !!

amateur straight guy enjoying a moment of exhibitionism




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