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Supper, Stroking, Smart and Smile !

Friday 30 September 2011 @ 4:13 pm

Our featured fotos today include a delicious dick, a straight guy stroking
and a curious couple !


Amateur straight guy photo number one today shows how to prepare a tasty and nutritious campsite snack using only a hot dog bun and a hot cock !

amateur straight guy donates his dick to feed his hungry co-campers


Our main attraction today is amateur straight guy Riley Price who, as you can see,
is definitely not the shy and retiring type !

Riley was promoted as having
‘a somewhat smug confidence which can be a real turn on’.

Although I’m not convinced that ‘smug’ = ‘turn-on’, I  am convinced the Riley is
kinda cute and has a very appealing appendage !

shirtless amateur straight guy RIley with his dick trying to escape from his jeans

amateur straight guy Riley fully nude and fondling himself

rear view of amateur straight guy Riley bending over and dangling his dangly bits

looking up at naked straight guy Riley stroking his stiffy

naked straight guy Riley readies himself for blast-off

Riley’s solo photoshoot was produced for us by
Straight Guys for Gay Eyes


Next today, we have an (understandably) slightly embarrassed looking amateur straight guy wearing ‘interesting’ undies as he poses with his even more embarrassed looking female friend !

amateur straight guy bulging his tight'n'tiny undies


Our final foto today is of a naked, furry and tattooed amateur guy who has his own very special kind of appeal !

naked straight guy outdoors smiling for the camera


Party, Peepee and Prisoner !

Thursday 29 September 2011 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photos include a party peek, a British boner and a captive cock !


Our first festive foto today exposes some kilted amateur straight guys’ drunken revelry !

Kilted amateur straight guy being exposed by his mates


Today’s amateur straight guy du jour is Danny M. – a 19 year old hottie from the UK who finds himself strongly attracted to women of the ‘slightly older brunette’ variety,  and whose photoshoot was apparently punctuated by a demonstration of his
sexual technique – using the couch !

British amateur straight guy Danny pulling down his pants

amateur straight guy Danny on the couch in his undies

British amateur straight guy Danny naked on the couch

naked straight guy Danny showing how big his dick is

nice view of naked straight guy Danny and his stiff dick

Danny’s dazzling donger has been brought to us by
Brit Blokes !


Next today, in the wonderful world of CFNM, we check out the aftermath of an undercover sting operation to help stamp out the solicitation of prostitutes.

The first culprit who fell prey to the operation was Chris, who was taken to the police station where the wily women of ‘the force’ decided that sexual humiliation would be the most appropriate way to deal with this particular villain !

naked straight guy Chris being humiliated by his female captors

naked straight guy Chris at the mercy of the female police officers

See more of Chris’s humiliating ordeal
in these additional free photos !


Our last pic today features a butch looking bloke nakedly reading his book
at a butch looking beach !

naked straight guy relaxing at the beach


Swimmer, Stroker and Spied !

Wednesday 28 September 2011 @ 3:59 pm

Our photo selection today includes pretty pumas, a studly student
and a couple caught on cam !


Today’s first amateur guy is wearing a pair of stylish, very bright red and bulgingly shapeful Puma racers !

amateur straight guy with a tasty bulge in his speedos (generically speaking)


Our man of the moment today is 22 year old college student Brad.

Amateur straight guy Brad is justifiably proud of his dick,  and, when he was offered the opportunity to make some extra cash by jerking off for the whole world to see,
jumped at the chance !

amateur straight guy Brad ready to rip off his clothes

amateur straight guy Brad naked and erect

amateur straight guy Brad with a fistful of dick

naked straight guy Brad showing off his boner

naked straight guy Brad stroking his stiffy

Brad’s boner was donated to us today by
SpunkWorthy !


Next today, we have a new couple caught by Rafian and his hidden camera, enjoying a spot of sexual intimacy on the sand !

naked straight guy and his lady getting sexy in a secluded spot at the beach

naked straight guy about to get a sandy suck from his lady


Our last foto for today is a presumably posed pic of a naked straight guy checking out the latest copy of his favourite nudist magazine (which, of course, he buys only for the articles about healthy living) !

amateur straight guy on his bed looking through a nudist magazine


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