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Green, Grinning and Group !

Wednesday 30 November 2011 @ 4:13 pm

Our featured fotos today include a cool competitor,  an island idol and a tough t-shirt !


Today’s first amateur straight guy is showing a clingingly cute bulge as he enjoys his post-competition cooling-off !

amateur straight guy and his spandex bulge cooling off


Next today, we find a naughty naked straight guy starting to firm up as he ‘encourages’ his lady to go topless !

naked straight guy checking out his girlfriend's breast


In our next hungful pic, we find an amateur straight guy looking very pleased with himself as he shows off his appetising appendage !

amateur straight guy showing his big dangling dick


Our man of the moment today is amateur straight guy Kaimana – a sexy, smiling Hawaiian surfer from the island of Kauai.

Kaimana loves being naked in the sun and definitely enjoyed his nude photoshoot for Island Studs. He also took full advantage of the opportunity to jerk off
in front of the camera !

amateur straight guy Kaimana naked and smiling

amateur straight guy Kaimana naked and erect

horny naked straight guy Kaimana with his board and his boner

rear view of naked straight guy Kaimana and his board

amateur straight guy Kaimana holding on to his stiff dick

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Umbrella, Undressed and Uninhibited !

Tuesday 29 November 2011 @ 4:01 pm

Today’s photos include two towel tempters, a solid stiffy and a licked lover !


Our first foto today features two wet weather amateur straight guys
teasing in towels !

two towel-wrapped amateur straight guys in the rain


Next up today is an amateur straight guy captured in the privacy of his own home holding up his impressive instrument for our inspection !

amateur straight guy brandishing his erect dick


Let’s now turn our attention to naked straight guy Joey Soto who has been given a touch of the old strip’n’slurp treatment by his new playmate Jackie
(who always takes great pride in her ability to angle Joey for our perving pleasure) !

naked straight guy Joey getting very horny undressing his playmate Jackie

Naked straight guy Joey gets a licking from playmate Jackie

Jovial Joey’s pics are courtesy of
Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.


Today’s hot’n’sexy amateur straight guy of the day is 20 year old country boy ‘Lucky’  from Active Duty , whose relationship with the camera belies his claim not to be a show-off !

amateur straight guy Lucky showing a glimpse of pubes

amateur straight guy Lucky fully nude and showing off his inky artwork

naked straight guy Lucky showing a bit of bum crack

smiling naked straight guy Lucky shows his pits and stiff dick

amateur straight guy Lucky and his happy hard-on

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Swimmer, Stroked and Sunning !

Monday 28 November 2011 @ 4:13 pm

Our selection of photos today includes sexy speedos,  a memorable massage
and some sandy sun-lovers !


Firstly today, we have a smiling amateur straight guy swimmer wearing
beeyootiful blue speedos !

hot amateur straight guy swimmer in cool blue speedos


Next, we have a stealthily snapped pic of a naked straight guy and his lady at a Spanish beach, taken by Coccozella contributor ‘Pedro the Fisherman’.

naked straight guy and his lady at a Spanish beach


Today’s next pic is of another sun loving amateur straight guy warming his private parts in public at the beach !

naked straight guy stretched out on the beach


Whilst rooting again through the the Club Amateur USA archives, I discovered amateur straight guy Dermot, who was 27 years old when he was filmed enjoying his
special rub’n’tug session.

Judging by the way that Dermot was writhing around on the massage table, I’d say that he very much enjoyed the intimacy of another guy’s touch (and indeed he came very close to cumming on several occasions during this session)!

amateur straight guy during his first every M2M erotic massage - Pic 1

amateur straight guy during his first every M2M erotic massage - Pic 2

amateur straight guy during his first every M2M erotic massage - Pic 3

amateur straight guy during his first every M2M erotic massage - Pic 4

amateur straight guy during his first every M2M erotic massage - Pic 5

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