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Dive, Dozing and Dicks !

Saturday 31 March 2012 @ 4:04 pm


Our featured photos today include soaring speedos, a fit flexer and a tugged todger !



Today’s first and bulging amateur straight guy diver is posing in mid-air for this
super speedo sports photo !

amateur straight guy diver bulging his speedos



Amateur straight guy number two today has been photographically caught fast asleep with his  pants down  towel undone !

amateur straight guy caught sleeping naked



Next today, we find a fit and fuzzy naked straight guy displaying his flexfulness
(and his dick) for the camera !

naked straight guy flexing for the camera



20 year old amateur straight guy Kevin Martin is today’s lucky recipient of an exciting M2M erotic massage with our fotografic focus falling on the tug part of
Kevin’s rub’n’tug experience, courtesy of Club Amateur USA  !

amateur straight guy Kevin's rub'n'tug session - Pic 1

amateur straight guy Kevin's rub'n'tug session - Pic 2

amateur straight guy Kevin's rub'n'tug session - Pic 3

amateur straight guy Kevin's rub'n'tug session - Pic 4

amateur straight guy Kevin's rub'n'tug session - Pic 5


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Stretch, Sun and Stroke !

Friday 30 March 2012 @ 4:01 pm


Today’s photos include a deck dick, beach balls and a broke boy’s boner !



Our first amateur straight guy today is having an early morning stretch
(and showing a nice blue bulge in his undies) !

amateur straight guy bulging his undies during an early morning stretch



Today’s next amateur guy has chosen his deck as the location to pose spread-leggedly for the camera !

naked straight guy spreading his legs on his deck



Nextly today, we get a good glimpse of a naked straight guy’s generous genitals as he soaks up some sun !

amateur straight guy sitting naked in the sun



Our main man today is amateur straight guy Jack who, with a new baby and having just lost his job, was happy to accept an invitation to strip and stroke for the cameras of Broke Straight Boys !

shirtless amateur straight guy Jack

amateur straight guy Jack squeezing his stiffy

rear view of naked straight guy Jack stroking his dick

naked straight guy Jack handling his hard-on

amateur straight guy Jack jacking off


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Blue, Beach and Brave !

Thursday 29 March 2012 @ 4:06 pm


Our selection of photos today includes a trio of triathletes, a shower show
and a mighty Marine !



Our first foto today features the appealing blue bulges of
three amateur straight guy triathletes !

three amateur straight guys each bulging in blue



Next today, we find a naked straight guy sneakily snapped in the shower
just as he’s covering his eyes with his hands !

naked straight guy in the shower with his dick on display



Today’s man on the sand is an amateur straight guy who’s happy to be hairy !

happy amateur straight guy naked at the beach



Our amateur straight guy of the day is Lance Corporal Chris, a tough marine who sure knows how to handle his weapon !

(Chris cums courtesy of the Naked Marine website.)

amateur straight guy Chris releases his stiff dick from his pants

rear view of amateur straight guy Chris with his pants down

amateur straight guy Chris on his knees with his dick in his hand

Lance Corporal Chris showing off his boner

amateur straight guy Chris stroking his stiff dick


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