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Touching, Tropical and Tanned !

Monday 30 April 2012 @ 4:02 pm


Our photo selection today includes a stroked stiffy, a surrounded stud
and a shiny show-off !



Our first foto today features an amateur straight guy who appears to have been caught right in the middle of his own private fantasy !

shirtless amateur straight guy stroking his stiff dick



Today’s next amateur straight guy is a cute young man who is pleased to be posing !

amateur straight guy posing nude for the camera



Here’s a naked straight guy being photographed with a big smile on his face as he gets surrounded by a bevy of bare beauties !

naked straight guy surrounded by naked ladies at the pool



Our concluding set of pics today is courtesy of Bait Buddies and stars a naked straight guy by the name of Justin Riddick – who I don’t believe required a great deal of baiting to be persuaded to strip off and reveal his glistening and totally tanned body!

My research department has actually alerted me to the fact that Justin has also performed for Falcon Studios where he has been seen engaging in some
‘not-so-straight’ on-screen interaction with his co-stars !!

straight guy Justin looking sexy and glistening

rear view of naked straight guy Justin

naked straight guy Justin starts to get a hard-on

straight guy Justin strikes a sexy pose

straight guy Justin on the verge of jerking off


Click here for Bait Buddies – making straight guys do gay things


Speedo, Speculum and Stiff !

Sunday 29 April 2012 @ 4:04 pm


Today’s photos include a bulging ball-bearer, hole health humiliation
and a student’s studly strip !



Our first amateur straight guy photo today is of a wet waterpoloist
and his soaked speedos at the pool.

amateur straight guy poolside in wet speedos



Nextfully, we continue to follow the fate of nerdy naked straight guy student Mark who previously volunteered for a tv science program which (much to his horror) turned out to be the ‘Embarrassing Boys’ health series.

Today’s episode seesĀ  Mark fully nude and on all fours being humiliatingly used by the TV doctor and her charming assistant to show the world one very embarrassed boy’s very embarrassed anus !!

naked straight guy Mark baring his bum for the tv camera

naked straight guy Mark hitting new heights of humiliation

naked straight guy Mark gets his anatomical privacy invaded with the help of a speculum

Thanks to for bringing us Mark’s bottomly bit !



I discovered today’s remaining pics in the Sean Cody 2005 archives.

This is amateur straight guy Rand who, at the time of being filmed, was a student at a very conservative religious university.

Rebellious Rand was well pleased with having the opportunity to show himself off and afterwards put in an eager request to be provided with a female co-star for his next performance !!

shirtless amateur straight guy Rand

sexy amateur straight guy Rand gets his dick out

rear view of naked straight guy Rand

naked straight guy Rand and his rigid rod

amateur straight guy Rand jerking off on the bed


Click to share more of Sean Cody’s passion for the beauty of the male form


Hairful, Hangful and Hunky !

Saturday 28 April 2012 @ 4:08 pm


Our featured fotos today include bare balls, a chilly willy and a beguiling bulge !



Today’s first amateur straight guy has apparently been a naughty boy and is awaiting his punishment !

amateur straight guy naked and tied to his bed



Next today, we have a naked straight guy showing off his low-hanging low-hangers !

naked straight guy spreading his legs to give his balls some breathing space



Our next photo focusses on a naked straight guy and his lady refreshing themselves in some very chilly water.

naked straight guy and his lady going for a chilly dip



It’s teasing time now with 19 year old amateur straight guy Tom King, a pro boxer and martial arts enthusiast who is showing off (most of) his hot bod in these preview pics from English Lads !

hot amateur straight guy Tom teasing in trackies

amateur straight guy Tom bulging his undies

amateur straight guy Tom shirtless and showing his bulge

rear view of naked straight guy Tom

naked straight guy Tom teasing


Click here to get to all the guys’ goodies at English Lads


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