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Clingy, Cocky and Cum !

Thursday 31 May 2012 @ 4:15 pm


Our selection of photos today includes a very VPL, an embarrassing erection
and a studly stiffy !



Our number one position today is being filled bulgefully by a wet and wonderful Aussie emerging from the water !

Aussie's competitive wet bulge



Today’s next amateur straight guy appears to be well on the way to perpendicularity !

naked straight guy getting horny



Next, we return to the plight of schoolboy Mark who unwittingly became the star specimen in the Embarrassing Boys TV medical program.

Today, the presenters take advantage of Mark’s inevitable but  highly embarrassing erection to demonstrate the process of ejaculation !

naked straight guy Mark gets turned on and frightened at the same time

naked straight guy Mark is brought to orgasm by the female TV presenters

Mark’s CFNM adventure has been proudly sponsored by Adventures in CFNM !



Our finishing-off fotos today have been supplied by Sean Cody and feature amateur straight guy Curtis whom I found in the SC 2005 archives where he was described as ‘muscular, vascular and tight’ (and who am I to disagree with that)!!

handsome amateur straight guy Curtis gets ready to strip and stroke

amateur straight guy Curtis looks down at his stiffening dick

close-up of naked straight guy Curtis's size and thighs

rear view of naked straight guy Curtis on the couch

amateur straight guy Curtis prepares to cum on the bed


Click to share more of Sean Cody’s passion for the beauty of the male form


Foot, Furry and Fit !

Wednesday 30 May 2012 @ 4:13 pm


Our featured fotos today include a wet willy, a self-snapshot and a fit footballer !



First up today, we have the foot of a freshly showered amateur straight guy who has been caught in a somewhat unusual position, clutching his dripping dick !

naked straight guy fresh from the shower



I suspect that our next photo is actually a porn pic but it’s also a thick dick pic
which I felt the urge to share with you !

naked guy with a big dick



Next today, we have an amateur straight guy self-pic snapped against a
bunk bed background !

amateur straight guy lowers his undies for a self-dick-pic



Today’s teaser, as supplied by English Lads, is 21 year old amateur straight guy Miles – a weekday personal trainer and weekend footballer whose girlfriend encouraged him to pose for a nude’n’naughty photoshoot, as the thought of his stripping and stroking in front of the camera was a big turn on for her (and hearing this of course made it an even bigger turn on for Miles) !

amateur straight guy Miles posing in his underwear

amateur straight guy bouncing his ball

naked straight guy Miles with his dick in his hand

rear view of naked straight guy Miles

amateur straight guy Miles giving a teasing glimpse of what he's holding in his hand


Click here to get to all the guys’ goodies at English Lads


Tough, Trimmed and Trio !

Tuesday 29 May 2012 @ 4:09 pm


Today’s photos include a fit foursome, a bending boner and some spilling semen !



Our first foto features four fit amateur straight guys taking a break from work to pose for a bulgeful cowboy snapshot !

four amateur straight guys bulging their undies



Today’s next amateur straight guy is in the mood for teasing, as he pauses the process of undressing just before his turgid tool springs forth from his undies !

amateur straight guy with a hard-on pulling down his undies



Our next naughty naked amateur guy is spreading his legs and giving us an unobstructed view of his impressive and smoothly curving cock !

naked amateur guy spreading his legs to reveal his stiff dick



To make sure that we go out with a bang today (as it were), we have three favourites from Straight Fraternity – Bo, CT and Shane – who are sharing a porn flick on TV and (after some significant self-stroking) taking turns to share their spunk !

amateur straight guys Bo, CT and Shane have a jerk-off session together - Pic 1

amateur straight guys Bo, CT and Shane have a jerk-off session together - Pic 2

amateur straight guys Bo, CT and Shane have a jerk-off session together - Pic 3

amateur straight guys Bo, CT and Shane have a jerk-off session together - Pic 4

amateur straight guys Bo, CT and Shane have a jerk-off session together - Pic 5

You can catch more of the graphic goodies in this trio’s
free preview page
at Straight Fraternity.


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