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Fingers, Flexed and Flaunting !

Tuesday 31 July 2012 @ 3:08 pm

Today’s featured photos include bed bashfulness, downed denims
and a hunkful of hugeness !


Our number one spot today is being occupied by an amateur straight guy who apparently didn’t want to be photographed wearing only his speedo-substitutes !

amateur straight guy objecting to be photographed


Today’s next naked amateur guy is fit and furry but has decided to keep his
private parts private !

naked amateur guy on his bed flexing his biceps


There’s no hesitation at all about displaying his dick from our next amateur guy as we see him posing proudly for this pic!

shirtless amateur straight guy drops his dacks and displays his dick


Our man of the moment is hunky amateur straight guy Cliff who’s earning some strip’n’stroke cash from Broke Straight Boys.

Cliff is 21 year old and 6’4″ (193cm) tall and has a whopper of a cock (with other very pleasing attributes as well) !

amateur straight guy Cliff spreads his legs and strokes his stiffy

amateur straight guy Cliff displays his dick

rear view of naked straight guy Cliff standing up wanking

naked straight guy Cliff slowly stroking

amateur straight guy Cliff spreading and stroking

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Stripped, Snack and Stiffy !

Monday 30 July 2012 @ 3:11 pm

Today’s photos include a troubling trio, a wily waiter and a married man’s member !


I have no explanation at all for today’s first photo but it does have a couple of
points of interest !

a woman with two amateur guys exposing their dicks


Today’s next pic is of a naked amateur guy in the bathroom showing off his
freshly washed willy !

naked amateur guy fresh from the shower


CFNM USA has supplied our next 2 pics which tell the tale of a room service waiter who delivers an order (of hot dogs) to 3 ladies sunning themselves on their balcony.

Needless to say (and amidst numerous ‘hot dog’ puns) the girls make a meal of the dishy dude !

three girls with high expectations of their room service waiter

naked straight guy waiter being feasted upon by three hungry ladies

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Our amateur straight guy of the day today is Edward, who has been labelled by Straight Rent Boys as ‘Straight, Married and Corruptible’ !

Edward apparently enjoyed his solo strip’n’stroke session very much and has already broached the subject of appearing on camera together with a male co-star in the future.

amateur straight guy Edward at the start of his photoshoot

amateur straight guy Edward fully nude

close-up of naked straight guy Edwards hard dick

buttockial view of naked straight guy Edward

amateur straight guy Edwards stroking his stiffy

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Undies, Unabashed and Undressed !

Sunday 29 July 2012 @ 3:07 pm


Today’s selection of photos includes boys on beds and chaps in the changing room !



Our first foto today is of an amateur straight guy clad only in his undies and relaxing on his blue bed with just a touch of testicle on display !

amateur straight guy in undies showing a bit of ball



Also on his bed is today’s next amateur straight guy whom I suspect is sleeping it off after a lads’ night out !

amateur straight guy naked and passed out on his bed



Next today, we have a Russian nude dude whose turgid tool is about to be photographed by his loving ladyfriend !

naked straight guy showing his stiffy to his girlfriend



Our remaining pics today have been captured on behalf of Sneaky Peek by Pervy Cameraman, whose hidden spycam has secretly recorded a bunch of hot sportsmen in the football locker room as they prepare themselves for training.

footballers caught naked in the locker room - Pic 1

footballers caught naked in the locker room - Pic 2

footballers caught naked in the locker room - Pic 3

footballers caught naked in the locker room - Pic 4

footballers caught naked in the locker room - Pic 5

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