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Relaxing, Revealing and Relieving !

Friday 31 August 2012 @ 3:13 pm


Our featured photos today include a woken willy, rude revenge and a stripped stroker !



Today’s first pictorial offering is of a naked amateur straight guy (with a very solid stiffy) gazing out of his bedroom window.

amateur straight guy naked on his bed



The excitement continues today with more CFNM schoolboy drama when popular classroom stud James cheats on his girlfriend Michelle whose  friends give him their signature punishment (previously dispensed to bad lad Jason) of getting James naked, hiding his clothes and then giving him no option but to exhibit himself to the whole class (and later forcing him to jerk himself off in front of the assembled students).

naked straight guy James thinks he's going to get a little lovin'

rear view of naked straight guy James running away

naked straight guy James paraded in front of his classmates

Our photos of studly student James’s jam have been provided by
Adventures in CFNM



Our remaining pics today have once again been plucked from the Sean Cody 2005 archives and spotlight the sexiness of amateur straight guy Jaden who had always harboured the secret desire to be a porn star and was thus easy to convince to perform in this strip’n’stroke sequence !

amateur straight guy Jaden smiling before he strips and strokes

amateur straight guy Jaden displaying the goods

naked straight guy Jaden prepares to lube up his stiff dick

looking up at naked straight guy Jaden stroking his stiffy

amateur straight guy Jaden busting a nut

Click to share more of Sean Cody’s passion for the beauty of the male form


Bright, Big and Buddies !

Thursday 30 August 2012 @ 3:08 pm


Today’s photos include summery speedos, a busy bedroom and a terrific trio !



We start today with some sizzling red speedos (and their bulging amateur straight guy wearer !) at a surf beach.

amateur straight guy bulging his speedos at the beach



Nextly, we’re transported to the cluttered confines of a well endowed amateur straight guy’s bedroom.

amateur straight guy showing off his big boner in his bedroom



Our next furry foto features a tubbily torsoed naked amateur guy showing his stuff as he stands on the sand !

hairy naked amateur guy showing off at the beach



Our cocky conclusion today comes courtesy of amateur straight guys (and best mates) Dan, Chris and Ray who serve together in the same Marine unit.

The lads were invited to visit their friend Joe (the mastermind behind
My Straight Buddy) who decided that a game of strip beer pong would be an excellent way to pass the time !

naked amateur straight guy Marines playing strip beer pong - PIc 1

naked amateur straight guy Marines playing strip beer pong - PIc 2

naked amateur straight guy Marines playing strip beer pong - PIc 3

naked amateur straight guy Marines playing strip beer pong - PIc 4

naked amateur straight guy Marines playing strip beer pong - PIc 5

Check out My Straight Buddy for more naked Marines at play


Drip, Dick and Discretion !

Wednesday 29 August 2012 @ 3:09 pm


Our photo selection today includes night-time nudity,  a mirrored member
and a bashful Brit !



Today’s first amateur straight guy has been caught with his dick on display after a night-time swim with his mates.

amateur straight guy caught naked after a swim



Nicely next today, we have a naked amateur guy’s successfully sexy self-snap !

naked amateur guy self-snapping his nudity



Here’s a happily horny hubby pointedly posing with his spouse !

horny naked straight guy showing off his stiff dick and his wife



Our modest man of the moment today is amateur straight guy Mikey Benjamin, a 23 year old personal trainer teasing us in this set of pics from English Lads (who advise us that Mikey’s ripped abs are not the only thing that he knows how to keep hard)!

amateur straight guy Mikey looking good in his undies

amateur straight guy Mikey in undies fiddling with his bits

naked straight guy Mikey preserves his modesty with the help of a bypassing tree

naked straight guy Mikey teasingly squeezes his dick

amateur straight guy Mikey keeping his dick firmly enclosed in his hand

Click here to get to all the guys’ goodies at English Lads


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